• Balance Arts Center (map)
  • 34 W. 28th Street, (b/t Broadway & 6th), 3rd Fl
  • New York, NY 10001
  • USA

A one day facilitated workshop where you’ll experience trance through Ecstatic Body Postures of our spiritual ancestors combined with the accompaniment of rhythmic sounds of a rattle to stimulate a waking dream state. Dr. Felicitas Goodman taught that ecstatic postures are an entry to alternate realities. 

Different from meditation, which puts people into an alpha state; Ecstatic Body Postures produce ultra-slow theta waves. Accompaniment of audible beats at 200-210 per minute shuts off the left side of the brain, thus allowing an ecstatic trance to occur. The brain starts synthesizing beta-endorphins which are responsible for the intense joy felt after a trance. 

This experience enables contact with the sacred and helps us to disentangle from our daily filters in order to be made more aware of non locality of consciousness,  and the possibilities for all beings.  

This mind, body journey supports an introspective exploration into your inner wisdom and presence of your spirit. 


To purchase tickets- 

PHONE: 505-231-3698