Over time as we turn to food for comfort, our partnership with this beautiful source evolves into a dysfunctional relationship.  The vicious cycle that is a result of food cravings leads to poor self esteem, low confidence, poor self care and a negative body image.  

Food Cravings are a temporary solution to stress and act as powerful drug that soon forms into an unbreakable habit.  Our thoughts become our actions & our actions become our habits and our habits eventually determine our destiny.

Nika hones her guided visualizations to empower clients to conquer their food cravings. She offers genuine, individualized help for regaining control of appetite whims. Learn how to release the need for that piece of chocolate, that extra helping, whatever the over indulgence may be. She reads your energy to help you change habits and make healthy eating choices. You’ll feel better, at ease in your body and have more energy. See real, meaningful results. 


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