MONTHLY Astrological perspective

for the spiritually inclined.

october 2019

New Moon on Oct 27

Quarter Moon on Oct 6

Full Moon on Oct 13

Three Quarter Moon on Oct 20

Mercury ingress Scorpio Oct 3

Mars ingress Libra Oct 4

Venus ingress scorpio Oct 8

Sun Ingress Scorpio Oct 23

October is a month of recognizing your hard work, seeing your achievement and now focus on what needs to get done.  Pluto stations direct, moving energy forward.  Be  ready to start creating the future.  Summer was a time for review of goals and aspirations, and a time to feel success on your path.  Now it is time to move forward on that path.  Here you can look back at all you have accomplished and see your dream coming true in the present.   See what hard work has brought you and focus on what you want.  You are not done creating.   Be encouraged to keep going - you have had enough success through your manifesting to have confidence moving along your path.  Pluto also asks that you let go of all that doesn't serve.  Clarify on a deep level what is counterproductive - deep inner clarity, deep patterns and emotions that have built up and need flushing out.  Deep breath in….. and then just let it all go.  

Take a good look at where the well being, the wealth is in your life.  How do you get valued for the work you have done?  How do you find it?  See that you are receiving a lot of rewards from working deeply.

Jupiter and Neptune are in contact this month.  Get clear about what you believe and what you want to make happen.  It is not so much about the detail, but about the bigger picture, the deep, dark, inner happenings.   The low hanging fruit is picked and now look at your roots.  Have you made changes at deep enough levels to ensure a healthy plant?

October will bring a lot of letting go of what can not be fixed.  Do a lot of internal composting, discarding, clearing out.  Start with a renewed vision for your future.  Let things be done and move on.

Maintain a strong sense of sustainability.  You have come far, now pace yourself.  This is not a sprint, and your journey requires patience, trust, perseverance.  Allow space for the natural process to complete.  Daily effort is important and its here and its time and it needs to be done.  Know what direction you want to take, but go with the flow of the moment.

With love and light-

Nika Annon 

September 2019

Quarter Moon is on September 6

Full Moon is on September 14

Three Quarter Moon is on September 21

New Moon is on September 28

September starts out as a very Virgoan month as all the personal planets move through it.  Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno are all conjunct in the early degrees of Virgo for the first 10 days, then Venus and Mercury pull away together.  Each of these will inconjunct ( then oppose) Chiron, trine Uranus then Saturn, square Jupiter, oppose Neptune then trine Pluto and Vesta in order.  Chiron brings to light what wounds need healing and where you can mentor others.  Uranus helps decide what needs revision, change, inspiration, emphasizing eccentricity and nonconformism. Jupiter helps prepare for the future with exuberance and expansion - surf the flow and prepare to swim.  Saturn asks what are we choosing to manifest?  Neptune brings you in alignment with your soul’s orientation.  Pluto sheds light on what needs to be transformed, composted or disposed of.  Vesta focuses on tending to your sacred hearth fire, your life force, your vitality.

Saturn Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron are all retrograde and moving very slowly. This is a great month to rethink, review, discern and apply the perfectionism that is life-enhancing and harvest oriented. There is strong support for working on health issues and refining our daily patterns to cultivate a healthy life style.  Be efficient, exemplary, productive and helpful in daily life.

Venus and Mercury enter Libra together on September 15.  Saturn stations direct on September and begins to move back towards Pluto.  Uranus revises its path through Taurus so far and is opposing Pallas in Scorpio most of the month.  Vesta moves away from trining Pluto where she's been holding awareness of the sacred of the hearth fire which nurtures your life force.  She shapes what Pluto is transforming.  Together these work to help discern that which is essential for life, while the rest can burn or decay.  Vesta then retrogrades on September 24, going back over Pluto and Saturn, reminding us of our sacred obligations.  Pallas in Scorpio brings deep insights into your strategic vision.  Hold these insights dispassionately and with courage as they may contradict your emotions.  Strategic perspective aligned with intuitive inspiration relieves mental distress and convolution.  Let your heart breathe.  

At this time you are supported in stepping back and looking at yourself.  Where do you criticize yourself and look deep to discern the underlying intentions of your behavior.  Update these intentions with self castigation.  Look deep and hard at yourself from the outside and be honest.  If you are a workaholic, be compassionate and tender with it and ask how the desire might be a distraction.  Can you be in alignment with self- sustenance, health, and relationships at your current pace?  Be the artist of your own transformation.

Build a whole vision- full, complete, vivid, and large.  Discern intentions and honor their support of wellbeing and update everything!  Invite your mind, heart and gut-brains to dance in harmony!

With Love and LIght -

Nika Annon

august 2019


I/4 August 8

Full Moon August 15

3/4 August 22

New Moon August 30

Mercury enters Leo on August 11

Jupiter direct in Sagittarius on August 11

Uranus retrograde in Taurus on August 11

Mars in Virgo on August 18

Venus in Virgo on August 21

Sun in Virgo on August 23

Juno in Virgo on August 25

Palla in Scorpio on August 27

Mercury in Virgo on August 29

Mars and Juno are conjunct in Leo for much of the month

Pallas in Saturn 

Vesta trines Pluto

Release yourself into the cosmos for a breath, or two, or three.  Be settled with the inhale and be expansively expressed with the exhale.  Radiate your wellbeing and wear strong, balanced shoulders - with a deep knowing of joys and burdens.

Venus and Mercury engage both Chiron and Uranus in the their swift journeys through Leo.  This brings regal, open, caring energy to values and messages.  Also it can bring changes to fundamental supports of your life to update your survival skills.  Do not fear a foundational shake-up.  You will find your solidity with a wise heart and compassionate brain.

Mercury becomes the point of a yod, inconjuncting Saturn and Neptune, allowing a redirection of energy of the sextile between Saturn and Neptune. How are you manifesting your vision of the future?  Mercury will share passionate, deep-felt beliefs and engage both the outer planets in this engagement.  The outer planets barely move this month and the inner ones whip by.  So the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all visit Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto in turn.  The visits spur a cosmic event bringing radiance, communication, values and action to expansion, manifestation, mentoring, liberating, envisioning and purification.  It is a potent time.  All the clarity practice you have been engaging in will come into fruition.  What matters enough to you to actually do something and speak of it?  What matters to you enough to make it happen?  What do you see clearly enough to manifest what you see?

Surf the wave of change.  Remember who you are be-ing and who you are be-coming.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

july 2019


New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2

I/4 Moon on July 9

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on July 16 

3/4 Moon on July 23

New Moon on July 31

Mars into Leo on July 1

Venus ingress Cancer on July 3

Mercury ingress Cancer on July 19

Sun into Leo on July 22

Venus into Leo on July 27

Mercury Retrograde on July 7

Chiron retrograde on July 9 in Aires

Jupiter Saturn Neptune and Pluto, Ceres are all retrograde still.

There is a lot of energy generated in the cosmos this month.  And with that energy, a lot of potential exists.  Be ready to do the hard work of your soul's journey.  Focus on clarity this month.

The three fire signs, Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Juno are all in Leo at least part of the month.  Chiron continues in Aires and Jupiter in Sagittarius. You are shining brightly with lots of initiative.  Juno holds Mars to task.  Vesta and Uranus are in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn.  It is an excellent time to manifest, eliminate the nonessential, and blend energy and matter into forms to create the future. Also, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Cancer for part of the month.  They will each have a turn opposing Pluto and Saturn, which can be centered either in deep conflict or creativity and collaboration.  

Your invitations this month include:

Building functional structures of a new order, or healing and constructive change to the existing order.

Aligning your energy drive and will with a defined and focused purpose, while savoring the delights of being alive.

Creating balance, awareness and fairness within relationships.

Shine your soul.  Breathe your heart’s desire.  This is a time to be clear about what you want from the communities and political structure you live in.  Value, create and nourish those wants.  The big planets are moving slowly back against our perspective, creating space to find clarity.  Be honest and coherent about what you are creating, what you are protecting, what you are overturning and purging, what your visions are, what your dreams, escapes and spiritual perceptions are.  What wounds and wrongs need healing and redressing?

There are two eclipses this month in Cancer and Capricorn.  These events reinforce your need to heal your self, take care of your families, and to remove anything you don’t want to carry forward.  Realign your finances with your values.  Fulfill your need to be nurtured and to nurture.  Be responsible for your homeland, money, integrity, resilience, and struggle.  These eclipses can be a reboot and clear our fields, hearts and minds.  Refresh your intentions.

The plight of the immigrant children and families here is terrible.

Climate change is changing our world.

What do you desire? What are you creating? What can you heal?

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

june 2019

New Moon June 3

I/4 Moon June 10

Full Moon June 17

3/4 Moon June 24

Mercury ingresses Cancer June 4

Venus ingresses Gemini June 8

Vesta ingresses Taurus June 10

Juno ingresses Leo June 18

Sun ingresses Cancer June 21

Mercury ingresses Leo June 26

This month is full of energy for change, but it may not be clear what is changing.  Let go of what needs letting go.  Be flexible with self and others.  Be patient with any confusion or lack of clarity. Keep present to your values and long-term visions.  Be kind and gentle.  During times of transformation it is important to relax rather than constrict.  Our human mind is not always comfortable with change.  Be aware and make an effort to hold space for change and complexity.  Delight in the mystery of life unfolding.  Have you been practicing self-care and self-compassion?  What does that practice look like for you this month?  Make it a priority.

June 21st is the Summer Solstice. Envision the spiraling pattern of life and have gratitude for another cycle in seasons.  Notice the balance of light and dark, day and night.  Center your core in the full belly of summer, the abundance of life flows through you.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are still in retrograde, so continue to give yourself a chance to deepen into your beliefs.  Let your values drive what you are building and what you are transforming in your daily life.  Work towards clarity in your deep desires and motivation.  How closely does how you feel inside match what you present on the outside?  Your values come from within and cannot be ignored, so take time to re-align and forge new pathways so that your inside is reflected on the outside.  Face transformation head on with an open heart and smiling face.

The Four Agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz are helpful reminders of how to make the most of each day:

Be impeccable with your word.

Don’t take anything personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

Always do your best.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

May 2019

New Moon on May 4th

Quarter Moon on May 10th

Full Moon on May 18th.  This Moon is also known as Wesak. It is the holiest day of the year for most Buddhists as it is believed that the Lord Buddha was born, reached Enlightenment, and died all on this Full Moon.

Three Quarter Moon on May 25th

Some of the frantic, exploding, and erratic energy of early spring has subsided.  Have you found that aspects of your life and self are settling in to a sustainable, productive pace?  Now is the time to let your inner voice guide you toward the future you are meant to build.  Nurture and trust your creative ideas.  Make concrete plans and purpose-driven goals so that you can clearly see your progress.  Step into the light without fear, without limits to your potential.  

Mercury is in Taurus for a quick two weeks then into Gemini where it rules for the following two weeks.  Mercury will ingress Taurus on May 6th, so use your intuition and figure out practical applications of your inner knowledge.  Then explore your options with curiosity when Mercury will ingress Gemini on May 21st.  Delight in the fertility and beauty of spring when Venus arrives in Taurus on May 15th.  Mars enters Cancer during the middle of May, awakening protective energies.  The personal planets are moving swiftly and the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, are slow and retrograde.  This presents an opportunity to get practical about how you step forward.  Leaning on the stability of the outer planets, you can update your daily life, your habits and most especially your self care. How do you take care of yourself and others? How well do you receive when you need comfort, care, solace?

As you reach new depths of tenderness and compassion for suffering, both yours and others, you have less inclination and need to be cruel or unkind.  Take advantage of this time to seed on many levels your garden, your heart, your relationships, your dreams.  Practice personal sustainability.  You are a precious resource, as is the planet.  Perhaps part of what you will do with your sweet precious life is savor it and enjoy what you do, and do what you enjoy.  Relish your dreams.  Delight in the love given and received in your life.  

With love and light -

Nika Annon

april 2019

To thine own self be true.  Turn the fertile darkness into the light of your path through clear and present intention.

Mars is in Aries and Veres moves to ingress Aries on April 4, bringing passionate, determined, and feisty energy.  You may be bursting with vitality.  Focus this powerful energy in the creation of a viable future for all sentient beings, Pachamama, the oceans, the trees and animals, insects, and microbes.  Embrace the total connection of all life on this planet.  Many planets are 30 degrees apart this month, inviting you to concentrate the energies and create the light of the future.  Allow these energies to work together in harmony. 

Who are you? When your shadow and hidden traumas surface and are healed, integrated, resolved, and accepted?

Who are you?  When you are no longer steered though choices by grief, fear and pain?

Who are you?  

The Sun conjuncts Uranus for several days, and brings deep change into your being.  How are you seeding yourself?

Karma is created by choices, thoughts, words and deeds.

Karma is resolved by choices, thoughts, words and deeds.

This month you can resolve much karma, but also you are creating much karma. Choose your thoughts, words and deeds consciously, and intuitively.  Trust your loving self.  Mars is in Mercury’s domain with Gemini and Mercury is in Mars’ domain with Aries. Action, thought, communication, and intuition work in cooperation. Judging others does not heal you so much as choosing different behavior than they did.  Be aware of what karma you may be creating through your interaction with the world.  Understand you are in a flowing motion, drifting toward your higher self, and what you do today matters.

Saturn and Pluto continue their stately approach to conjunction, and both turn retrograde within 4 days of one another. Time to revise your sense of the transformation and purging that you do as you live each day.  What is the world of your future?  What choices carry your forward toward your bliss? The ends are the means. Engage your will and your ethics to create.  Be conscious.  Dream deeply.  What will you build in the Plutonian transformation?

Know that you are heart-centered and aware, honor the cathedrals of grief and build the castles of your dreams.  Set rigid rules aside while dismantling and creating novel structures and internal frameworks with love, compassion and wisdom. Reach in deep for your inner knowing, your intuition, your innate self. The full Moon, on April 29, in the last degrees of Libra, focuses on cooperation, harmony, equality and justice.  Source your choices from these energies of collaboration.

Evidence shows that ancient bog peoples from 7000 BC, found in the Florida bogs, nurtured and cherished a child born with Spina Bifida until his death in adolescence, buried a baby girl with her toys and cared for an elderly woman til death.  We can claim this as part of our human ancestry; proof communities that care for each other.  Now more than ever before we must see our connection to everything and care for each other.  

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

march 2019

This is a mysterious and stimulating time of year when the seasons are in obvious transition.  Nature is waking up from winter's rest.  Have you noticed subtle signs of spring happening in your environment?  Notice also what is waking up within you.

Early in the month, the cosmos are asking you to be present.  Breathe in deep the air of spring.  Does it smell different?  Allow life force to flow through you.  Focus on your body.  Engage in an acute awareness of being embodied.  Bless the miracle of life that is your body.  Give gratitude for all that your body does every moment, for what it gives you the opportunity to do, for being your vessel in this life.  Uranus in the first degree of Taurus on March 6 which brings you deeply into your center being.  Find your center being where life force is constantly streaming though you.  Let your breath flow through your being’s knowingness.  Wake up your life force with your breath of fresh spring air.  Mercury and Uranus are 30 degrees apart on March 4, and Mercury turns retrograde March 5.  The New Moon is in Pisces March 6.  Mercury is also in Pisces and takes us into the realms of dreams, visions, wishes and mysticism.  It can also be a time to address addictive behaviors.  Enjoy turning inward and daydreaming, trust your intuition.  Take time to float and feel into your choices.  What you focus on now will become your reality later.  Find humor in your humanness.  

Engage your creative energy during the middle of the month.  What you have discovered in your daydreams that you wish to bring to fruition?  Enjoy the fertility of your mind and of your feelings.  Update your self image; what is it about your self that you find fresh and exciting?  The Sun is sextile to Saturn on March 9, then squares Jupiter on March 14.  Shed the heavy cloak of tired winter patterns and warm your face in the new day Sun.  Be ready to plant new creative ideas in your fertile depths and do what is necessary for them to grow strong.  Choose your seeds carefully.  Allow the deep changes of the past year become your new set point.  The work you have done will open up new doors and new paths.  Gradually decide your future, reinvent your self in perfecting the earth dance.

By the end of the month, you are ready to answer a call to action.  The Sun enters Aires on March 20 for the Spring Equinox, when there is a Full Moon.  You are granted the opportunity to implement, with correct action, your dreams and visions.  The Uranus and Venus square that brought the creative synergy in the beginning of the month turn sextile at the end of March bringing excitement and stimulation.  Venus squares Mars on March 21, Pallas trines Venus on March 24, and Venus enters Pisces March 27.  Be ready to turn dreams into reality.  Know all is sacred, beautiful, and has a place in the sweet song of the universe.  Value it ALL.  Choose with each fleeting moment to be vitally present.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

february 2019

February is showing a lot of movement in the cosmos, so be prepared for a time of extensive transition.  All the planets are moving directly, and all the asteroids are moving directly, except Pallas Athena which retrogrades on February 19.  Vesta, Juno, Chiron, Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs this month.  Uranus, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta and Chiron are all in the last degree of their sign, called the Anaretic degree, engaging our energy in completing an important phase and preparing for a major energetic shift.  At this time, all the planets are moving forward from the earths perspective.  The choices you are making, after these last several years of introspection, will propel your life forward in a profound way so be conscious of what you are choosing.  Allow the urge to move forward to motivate you, while honoring the depth of the choices you are making.  Be aware, be active, move forward from your center.  The big planets are moving slowly, the collective energy is deep and slow, and rather dense so don't rush.  Use the collective energy to lean on and develop your spiritual, physical, and emotional strength with an eye toward persistence and resiliency.

Mars is in Aires, Saturn is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces this month.  So these planets are in their home signs, bringing a focus on core values.  The month begins with Mars in Aries and the Sun in Aquarius, offering an innovative energy that moves you quickly through clearing up your thoughts.  Then Mars moves into Taurus on February 14, representing a shift to the warrior energy protecting the agrarian seeding and sprouting, vital to survival.  Venus in Capricorn on February 3 promotes seeking the deep value of what you love.  Capricorn is the sea goat who is deeply sensitive.  Her energy is helpful during this time of transition to keep your choices coming from your deep center.   She touches Saturn then Pluto in the third and fourth weeks of the month.  Honor what you are choosing to manifest, and may it be in alignment with your deepest values and what are you ready to transform and purge.  How do you envision the future? Where do freedom, responsibility, integrity, truth, compassion, and generosity interface with your reality?  Purge the tendency to focus on what is wrong.  Focus on the positive and soon positivity will manifest and permeate your daily life.  

The ongoing Saturn - Neptune trine, which is an underlying energy all year, supports creating a home, work, and daily life that is in alignment with spiritual, mystical, and ancestral beliefs.  You are invited into a creation of ceremonies where we can all come together and create astounding, beautiful moments in temporal reality from our joy, and in being here, and our connection to the all that is.  Remember the journey is the point, the means are the end, and be an expression of love.  Live these truths and all the rest will follow.

With love and light -

Nika Annon

January 2019

We are starting the year with major energetic shifts, and lots of forward movement. This year, focus on understanding how you create your reality, and how your beliefs and practices transform your perception of reality.  Notice the fluidity of reality.  At the end of this year who will you be: loving, adventurous, compassionate, nurturing, wise or all of the above?  Courage, bravery, focused intention, and connection to sacred truth change your life for the better.  While examining your reality be aware of your perception of change.  Are you making quick life changes, or quickly making deeply considered life changes?  There is a place for both types of change.  Have the courage, the insight, and the power to make positive change and be who you are here to be.

Last year was spent preparing, deeply clarifying, and seeing what does and does not work in your reality.  Be aware of the rewards and successes for this hard work.  Engage the option of miracles and deep emotional support.  Own your happiness and joy in life.  Live the joy, dream the joy; it is there always asking you to play.  Be the sacred vessel of your life.

There is a partial Solar Eclipse on January 5th.  You may have clear insights into what is coming for the next year with this solar eclipse.  Uranus stations direct January 5th, and then moves forward into Taurus (March 7) and off the nodes of the Moon where it has been shaping our karmic breakthroughs.  Uranus brings structure and manifestation to our compassionate, caring connection to the whole.  The Solar Eclipse, Moon and Sun sextile Neptune and conjunct Star Vega signaling aspirations and consequences, healing and nurturing deep love.  Engage the sacred wisdom of your inner child.  Now is the time for creating Utopia but building practically. Be mystically integrative.  Clarify your visions and create them prudently.  This may be a time of karmic actions coming to roost or be transformed.

One of the more magical energies this season is the sextile between Saturn and Neptune balancing practicality and idealism.  There is a gentle detachment from emotionally charged feelings.  A higher spiritual energy infuses everything.  Work hard with a cloak of innocence.  Find balance in your reality between lofty goals and grounded to-dos that will bring subtle yet long-lasting change that you have been asking for.

Jupiter and Neptune have moved from the trine (flowing energy) of last year when Jupiter was in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces to a square (creative energy) with Jupiter moving into Sagittarius.  This opens up space for dreams and visions of creating a better reality.  Use love and compassion to hone your belief systems and support your intentions.  When you find your self judging, feel into the pain and fill it with love and turn the judgement into a lesson to know your self better.  Clearly create your perception based in compassion and not the judgement.

We also have a ongoing trine between Mars and Venus in Fire.  Passionate, engaging energy flows well, making now a wonderful time to create for the rest of this life.  Find an inner place of control and calm, a connection to deep self and source.  Radiate that energy outwards into your reality.  The center of your control and power is intentionally connected to soul, body, emotions, and heart wisdom.  The center is holding all aspects of you in congruency, creating a coherence of self.  Create from this center.

At the end of the month, Pallas Athena opposes Uranus.  Her strategic view of the whole picture balances in Libra, and invokes original and unexpected solutions.  The deep change many have been hungering for can begin with these these strategic perceptions.  

Mars and Venus and Jupiter dance together this month

Mars enters Aries December 31

Partial SOLAR Eclipse January 5

Mercury enters Capricorn January 6

Venus enters Sagittarius January 10

Sun enters Aquarius January 20

Total LUNAR Eclipse January 21

Mercury enters Aquarius January 25

Ceres enters Sagittarius Jan 26

 With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

december 2018

Ah, December.  The twelfth month, marking the end of the calendar year.  Looking back at 2018, the year nearly said and done, how has your life transformed?  Acknowledge the changes in your self and life, realizing that you are in constant change.  It can be easy for the monkey mind to convince you that you are a stagnant being in a stagnant stream, but that does you a disservice.  Be aware of your dynamic life and self, free from restraints and capable of constantly growing deeper and fuller into the self you dream to be, flowing with the colorful current.

This December, you are invited to ensure your actions, values and practices are in alignment with each other.  What are you in service to?  Where are you placing your energy?  Focus your attention on your motivations, move towards alignment through awareness.  Employ your wits, and be challenged by possible choices engaging physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and spiritual bodies.  Create alignment by adapting to all and any circumstances; learn, integrate and create.

Pallas and Vesta carry air energy this December.  Juno continues to trine Pluto.  Chiron stations direct December 10th.  You have had time since July to turn down the volume on your woundings.  See how you are shaped in this life by the wounds and how to use those experiences to grow.   Embrace the gifts and strength and compassion you have earned through healing and working with your wounds.  Use what you have learned to channel what you are here to do, to fulfill your soul’s engagement, to mentor yourself and others.  Release your victimology and gracefully step up and be the self you came here to be!

Chiron this month, and the beginning of next month, moves back through the last degrees of Pisces. These degrees contain the whole of the zodiacal story.  It has degrees of deep wisdom, compassion and acceptance. Take this time to shower any unloved places in yourself or others with roses of unconditional love and compassion. When Chiron moves into Aires you are challenged to mentor yourself in being your best self.  Chiron gives you the energy and passion to move through self doubt, through deep questioning, into clear action and manifestation of who you came here to be and what you are here to do.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn is in Capricorn and Neptune is in Pisces.  These planets are all in the signs they rule, giving you access to their strengths.  At the end of December, they are all 30 degrees apart. Jupiter in Sagittarius asks what do you truly believe in?  What adds hope and meaning to your life?  Saturn in Capricorn asks what matters to you enough to manifest it? Neptune in Pisces asks, from its alternate perspective, what lies beyond the human-made constructs of belief systems?

Again, you are faced with deep questions on how to frame your existence, and challenged to constantly live up to your highest questions and ideas.  The cosmos are lining up to prepare you for a new year, ripe with possibilities and growth.  And the opportunity to become the ever-unfolding you that you came to here to realize.  Dance to create the world as the world creates you.

Jupiter is 12 degrees Sagittarius inviting sensible new opportunities

Saturn is 12 degrees Capricorn manifesting the sacred vessel in life

Vesta is 13 degrees Aquarius opening humanitarian aspects of sacred action

Neptune is 14 degrees Pisces infusing passion in spiritual vessel and beliefs

Mercury is in Sagittarius, Venus is in Scorpio being articulate and passionate

Moon phases:

Dark moon in Capricorn December 5

1/4 moon in Aries December 14

Full Moon in Leo December 21

3/4 moon in Scorpio December 27

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

November 2018

Pallas goes into Libra on November 6 as the champion of justice, implementer of peace, mediation, diplomacy and action.  Pallas brings the wisdom of balance, harmonizing and integrating polarities through conflict management.  A destined day to vote! 

November opens with a Jupiter-Chiron trine signifying a fantastic opportunity to transcend the wound of being human by forgiving and forging yourself.  Mercury touches the fixed star, Toliman which is the wound in Chiron’s thigh.  What is the gift your wound expresses?  Mentor others with wisdom and compassion.

Uranus moves into Aries November 6, where Uranus is summoning creative, innovative, erratic, and genius energy in the intrepid action-oriented Aries.  Now is the time to act on new desires.  Stretch the rules to encompass all your dreams.

Jupiter goes into Sagittarius on November 8 as the Ruler of Sagittarius, opening up opportunities for expansive travel in both the inner and outer worlds.  Find the doors opening for you to explore without fear.  

Ceres is in Scorpio November 12.  Here, Ceres is taking you deep into a feeling you have perhaps evaded.  Grieving and despairing can be part of the process of creating the mysteries which give life meaning.  Affirming all aspects of life, hold compassionate space for grief and anger.  Shed light into dark corners, releasing judgement of self and world’s unworthiness.

Mars into Pisces on November 15 signals a time to be gentle.  Gentle with self and others, with Earth and in action.

Venus goes direct on November 16 as it is moving back through Libra, granting us time to balance and value what compromises we choose to make.  Who and what do we love? Do the compromises include self compromise?

Mercury turns retrograde on November 16, lasting until December 7, while also inconjuncting Neptune.  Take part in a joyous celebrating of a new dawning despite the lingering of past events.

The Sun joins Jupiter in Sagittarius on November 22 opening up expansive exploration and awareness of otherness.

Neptune moves direct on November 24, having been retrograde in Pisces since just before the summer solstice.  This move generates a profound time to heed your intuition, your connection to the depth of soul, and your anger at slights and injustices.

Chiron remains retrograde in Pisces, deeply cleaning the wounds before we move forward again into Aries.

Juno is retrograde Taurus creating an opportunity to reevaluate your values and contracts.  They are the seeds of what you desire to harvest.

Take time to heal wounds and clear out what isn't in your best interest.  Explore your inner workings and outer networks with the intention of aligning the two with your highest vision of self.  Listen to your intuition, your heart energy.  Be gentle and forgiving of your human self.  Still your jitters, and rejoice in the moment.

Moon Phases:

Dark Moon on November 7 in Scorpio, the one who makes the light go out and brings it back. With renewed vision, clearly set intentions.

Quarter Moon on November 15 in Aquarius.  Find a world unto itself working for the future earth.

Full Moon on November 22 in Gemini.  Like Incan rope language, balance large and small selves.

Three Quarter Moon on November 29 in Virgo.  See yourself in the mirror of every relation, resolving karma.  See the complexity of projection and polarity.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

October 2018

Welcome Fall.  Welcome the change in the air.  Notice and enjoy more color in the environment.  Breathe in the different smells of earth and decay.  Allow your heart to embrace the natural slowing down that is happening with this season.  Embrace this fleeting moment so fully that your whole body starts to tingle with the sheer joy of being alive and present.

October is a gentler month with less drama.  Now is a time of introspection, of releasing old patterns, of deeply loving and valuing that which you hold dear.

All the activity of manifesting dreams and hard healing that has been characteristic of this summer is slowing down.  The work you have been doing is paying off, unfolding, and becoming material in your world.   Emerge into the renewed light you have struggled to create.  Be grounded and solid in your purposefulness.  Take a deep breath (or two or three…) of fullness and gratitude for the process.  Relax into the gentle, indelible connection you have with the universe.

The main focus this month is on balancing your taking of the world and taking care of yourself.  Balance the outer world with the inner world.  Look closely and see which one more often takes precedence over the other.  Renounce self rejection, and forgive yourself the times you have failed yourself.  Value your capacity to endure the harsh treatment of self, and forgive. Create new patterns of wellness as necessary, and quiet the negative inner voice.

How do we make the world a better place and practice personal sustainability?

Be gentle and clear with yourself.

Acknowledge others by accepting them for them.

Know yourself as the light you wish to see in the world.

Here are some highlights of what is happening in the cosmos this month:

Venus goes retrograde October 5th

New Moon on October 9th

Mercury goes into Scorpio on October 10th

Juno goes retrograde on October 12th

Juno moves into Taurus on October 25th

With love and light -

Nika Annon

September 2018

We have moved into a potent time of manifestation.  We have been preparing for years for this time of fruition and manifestation.  It is now time to bring your visions into this realm and thereby transform this very reality through your visions.  Know that you are ready to move forward with ruminating plans, side-lined passions, and unrealized dreams.  

The September Moon cycle is as follows:

First quarter Moon is on the 2nd in Gemini

New Moon is on the 9th in Virgo

Last quarter Moon is on the 16th in Sagittarius

Full Moon is on the 24th in Aries


Mercury ingresses ( goes into ) Virgo on September 5th.

Venus ingresses Scorpio on September 9th.

Mars ingresses Aquarius on September 10th.

Mercury ingresses Libra on September 21st.

Sun ingresses Libra on September 22nd.

I have been studying the asteroids and have begun to include them in Star Energy.

Ceres ingresses Libra on September 7th, creating harmony in relationship.

Pallas ingresses Virgo on September 5th, signaling analytic perception and healing.

Juno ingresses Gemini on September 30th, brining awareness to communication and daily interactions.

Vesta ingresses Capricorn on September 18th, sharpening the ability to formulate and execute plans.

Chiron retrogrades Pisces on September 26th, touching the depths of feeling and intuition, awareness of the whole, and the healing of human suffering.  Chiron in Aries asks how can expressing your self and self mentoring protect you better and more profoundly than defensiveness and retreat.  Its time in Aries takes into account your personal sensitivity and perhaps inarticulate wounding.  As you heal, these wounds are the places from which you can mentor others.  Listen to yourself and reflect.  What have you healed this summer?  What can you share of your experience to help others along their paths?

Energy that has been building will move forward.

Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter are all direct.

Saturn stations direct on September 6th.

Pluto goes direct late night on the 30th.  

Since April we have been making choices and plans.  We have been confronting our shadows and looking at how we resolve issues.  We have been pressured to mature as a species and and take on responsibilities.  We are unsure of how to serve this role, but the universe is placing a call to action.  Deep within find resiliency, preserving the generosity, kindness and delight in life so that love prevails.  Pluto has retrograded and given us a chance to examine and release now as it moves forward again.  Pluto is the great transformer, so be clear about what you want to release and where you are intending your life to go.

The last of three Jupiter semi-squares with Saturn occurs September 3rd.  How have you grounded what you are creating?  How practical are your enthusiasms?  Have you thought about consequences of expansions?  What do you need to do now?

An ongoing trine between Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn is occurring.  As the personal planets move through Virgo they are each a part of a grand trine charged by the energies of the harmony between change, creativity, fecundity and manifestation.  Uranus and Saturn move slowly, engaging the elemental parts of us, and opening innovative manifestation of well-known structures.  How will this serve you?  How will you relate to it?  Shape it to create a world vision that encompasses all.

All too often our monkey minds meet the challenge of change with fear.  It is of upmost importance to find confidence the support of the cosmos, the multiverse, and the source to manifest the changes your soul desires.  Move into change with intention and delight, uninterested in and undeterred by fear.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

august 2018

We begin another month with many elements in retrograde position: Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron.  On August 7th, Uranus also goes retrograde.  It is beneficial to spend ample amounts of time deepening understanding, clarifying, and unraveling.  Engage your gut instinct and integrity and persevere knowing the scent of contentment as you struggle to get to the bottom to find your core wound.  In finding your core wound, you will find what is holding you back from further realization of your vision and dreams.

August has multiple planets in the early degrees of sign initiatory energy.  Saturn, Uranus and Mars join together in the beginning of Capricorn and Taurus along with Chiron in Aries.  Fire and the nodes of the Moon are in Leo and Aquarius.  These are close to the degrees that were activated by the eclipse on July 27th.  What you are beginning now has an abundance of energy and transformative power.  Be aware of your subconscious and unconscious as they have to potential to draw the lightening and shape the path.  Pay attention to the undercurrents within and without.  Are you consciously or unconsciously steering the boat?  Both what you dread and what you hope for will claim your energy and guide you.

Now you are invited to work with healing core wounds, and to unfurl the tangles of re-wounding.  Do not fall into shallow compromise, or spiritual by-pass.  Now is the time to move beyond that which has held you back, and move beyond these obstacles in a meaningful and long term direction.  Chiron in Aries invites you to look into your self-defining wound, helping you to see where you can mentor in the world.  Turn your wound into a positive perspective that you have to offer healing to the world.  See that your ordeals are portals to liberation, unravel your assumptions, and let suffering grant you compassion.

On August 11th, the partial eclipse inconjuncts Pluto.  An inconjunct requires a major adjustment in one's thinking.  A complete reorganization of thought and deed is required to act constructively with this aspect.  The energy must structure itself and be cleansed through service to others or evolve on a much higher level of spiritual reform.  This time is a time best symbolized by -- as James Hillman would call it -- Soul Making.  Soul Making is the process of allowing yourself to be deeply aware of your challenges, your woundings, your discomfort with the social political structures you live in.  What humiliation must you release to realize your highest vision of yourself?  Dig into the places you failed yourself and from there make new decisions.  See clearly why and how your old wounds exist, and let them be healed.  Now change your whole story and climb out into your true self.

Some days have a soldier's sense of honor, and some days a loving parent’s sense of patience. Some days you will nurture deeply and see what grows.  Some days you grieve and some days you shine.  Whatever your days may hold, BE fully in your days.

Love arises when it is needed most.

With love and light -

Nika Annon

july 2018

Summer is here.  The universe is active, full, accelerated, bountiful.  Absorb the beauty of life unfolding and reflect it back to the world.  Life is a book that rewrites itself as we read it.  What is your story?

There are five planets in retrograde this month.  At first it is Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.  Then Jupiter goes direct on July 10 and Mercury retrogrades on July 26.  With all these planets in retrograde, it is a great time to plan, to renew, and to prepare.  Rest and recharge your body, mind and spirit to cultivate and budget energy and love.  Revisit your creativity and passions. Expand your awareness to encompass inner contradictions.  Creativity and independence; idealism and practicality:  What roles and rules do you need to change?  Try something new and against the grain.  If anger, indignation and frustration motivate you to get going, use them to to stay energized.  If hiding from your shadow is draining your resources, face it and embrace its lessons then let go.  If providing compassion, kindness, mediation, and relieving suffering motivates you, focus these energies.  Don’t get overwhelmed by others acting out.  Stay centered and balanced. Honor your connection to source.  Create clear boundaries and honor them, choose love over fear, speak compassionate truth, acknowledge needs.  Delight in the beauty of the fleeting world.

In addition to Chiron, from this month forward, look for the asteroid energies of Ceres, Juno, Pallas and Vesta to be included in the readings when relevant.  Chiron goes retrograde July 5 heading back in the last degrees of Pisces.  Explore past pain and trauma with the intent to learn and release.  Venus goes into Virgo July 9 and Jupiter turns direct at 10 degrees Scorpio July 10.

A New moon rises in Cancer with a partial solar eclipse at 20 degrees Cancer on July 12, while also trining with Jupiter and Neptune to transform mythos and engage your narrative powers in telling the story of flourishing futures with new values.  Long standing assumptions of binary systems and duality are met by quantum assumptions.  Heed your soul's story with all its complex contractions.  Find new ways to express and embody your story, persist and learn from each attempt.  Do not discourage yourself.  How unusual an approach can you take to create what you envision?

The Sun goes into Leo July 22 and Mercury retrogrades July 26.  Take this time to attend to details, clarify intentions, hear messages clearly.  A Full Moon and total lunar eclipse takes place July 27-28.  Issues from the eclipses in January and February may be revisited, go with the flow, let go of things that aren’t working.  Stay in touch with your truth by seeing clearly the gifts and challenges of woundings, then discard what no longer serves, grateful for healing.

There is an ongoing trine between Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus and a square between Mars and Uranus.  Chiron nears the North node but there is not contact yet.  Chiron’s journey through Pisces offered exploration and release of woundings and trauma that shaped our steps into the world.  Now Chiron in Aires invites the call to action.  The invitation is to move beyond the duality of perpetrator and victim to co-creator.  With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces, you are supported in this transition without spiritual by-pass or justification.  Reach deeply for maturity.  Make mature choices in how you interact with those around you and how you envision and enact the future.  Take responsibility to learn new communication techniques.  Stand up for what you believe in.  Expect the best of everyone while seeing clearly with discernment.  Act from deep wisdom and compassion with a fuller, brighter appreciation for the consequences of your actions.  Pay attention to pattern changes.  Find ways to nurture and support your network and interpersonal structure through the inevitable shocks and upheavals.  Be a pillar of strength knowing you have the support of the universe.

May the Virgin of Guadalupe shower us all with roses of unconditional love and compassion.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

june 2018

June begins with two lovely trines.  Mercury and Mars in Air are aligning our idealistic thoughts and passions.  Then Venus trines Neptune in Water opening our hearts and aligning us with love, sensuality and connection.  Enjoy these feelings of being in tune with where you are in your life.  You are on your path toward your dreams, know this deeply.  Practice shining your light to the world and notice what light reflects back.  You are the creator of your dreams so manifest what is required to actualize those dreams.  Hold the deepest gratitude for the unfolding process of self actualization.  Deepen into the moment so you can be centered and visionary.

Venus opposes Pluto on the 6th, and on June 13th Mercury enters Cancer and Venus enters Leo.  Toward mid-month there is a shift from feelings of total alignment to a more challenging energy flow.  Do not let this shift deter you from your path.  Challenge is a part of the process.  Create a sacred space for your creative work, focus on your goals while noticing the challenges.  On June 14th Mercury opposes Saturn, Cancer and Capricorn creating conflicts between your thinking and your doing. Allow your mind to focus its manifestations and be aware of your resulting actions.  Do the important and necessary work of keeping your thoughts and actions in alignment.  Notice what situations in which this work may be more of a challenge.  Reflect and learn.

Venus squares Uranus in Taurus opening space for the unusual as well as challenges to your comfort zone.  Be aware of how you react to what you are unaccustomed to.  Often new insights about self can be gained when you are faced with an uncomfortable situation.  Embrace what the universe is teaching you.

On June 18th Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces stationing a first trine.  Jupiter is retrograde in Scorpio and Mercury is in Cancer.  During this retrograde take time to clarify your plans and be creative.  What have you learned earlier in the month that will help you on your path?  Honor how your choices move you towards goals you have sensed your whole life.  Participate in your community, trust your connection to the whole.

On June 19th Mercury trines Jupiter and Neptune.  Dive deep into the soul nourishing topics.  Feed your soul with healthy thoughts and actions.  Saying no is saying yes to something else.  Let your connection with your community fulfill your soul.  Share your gifts with intention and love.

June 21st is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  Celebrate the brightness of the Sun.  Set aside any grief, anger, hurt, self doubt, confusion - shine and be.  Celebrating the light in the world will create more light to share with all.  

Enjoy equally times of alignment and times of disarray.  Both are important steps along the path.  Occupy a space of deep knowing as well as open curiosity.  The process of living is never dull to the wonderer.

With love and light -

Nika Annon  


may 2018

May is a bright and explosive month with big cosmic events and transformations of cosmic proportions.  All of the internal healing work and redefining of values that have been characteristic of months past were laying the ground work for the profound changes possible in the near future.  Be radiantly open to new possibilities and ideas in every aspect of life and self.  Find your ultimate trust in the wisdom of the universe and the unlimited potential of your self and what you can dream.

One of the biggest challenges in this period is be present and aware of the victim and perpetrator in yourself.  How you can transform the cycle that these roles perpetuate? So often people justify their behavior of hurting others (perpetrator) as an attempt to protect old hurts (victim).  If you bare witness to both and mediate the two roles within yourself, you can reduce the amount of power you give away as a victim, and abstain from projecting your pain on others as a perpetrator. 

From Walt Kelly’s Pogo:  “We have met the enemy and he is us."

Curtail your inner destructiveness, reconciling who you want to be within and who you are to the world.  Be creative in your rebuilding as you replace the destructiveness.  Form a strong foundation.  Understand that there is precious little time here to waste on destruction and that you hold the power to renew and rebuild in whatever shape you desire.

A big event this month is when Uranus moves into Taurus on May 15 during a New Moon that is also in Taurus conjuncting Mercury.  Listen deeply to your intuition, and heed innovative thoughts as they arise.  Uranus in Taurus is building relationships that matter, initiating a reweaving of social stratifications.  It is time for nurturing the earth being nurtured by it.  Uranus in Taurus is perfecting your values and your being here, as you are, in the world right now. You have an opportunity to listen deeply and recreate your connection to being here on this precious planet.

Mars moves into Aquarius on May 15.  Your actions are intellectual, theoretical, gregarious and you can cope well with emergencies during this time.  The area of innovation and change focuses on your connection to the earth and fellow inhabitants.  You are forgiven your humanity and supported in becoming the deeply wise, compassionate self in each moment and breath.

Mercury goes into Taurus on May 13.  Your mental concerns are intuitive, earthy, practical, and how-to.  You are here for a very short time.  Strive for healthy survival. How do you make compromises, and what do have in place when structures fail?

Venus goes into Cancer May 19 emphasizing energy toward shy, kind, peace loving, and generous actions and thoughts.

Another big event is on May 20 when he Sun goes into Gemini, at which point we have 4 planets and Chiron in the first degree of a sign - Sun in Gemini, Venus in Cancer, Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus - setting a harmonic in which a multitude of new energies are engaged.  Exciting and profoundly new energies this month are making new patterns in your self (Sun), your values, concerns and relationships (Venus), your passionate actions - what you feel is worth protecting and defending (Mars), your innovative, creative, paradigm-changing energies, your electric eccentric self (Uranus).  The energy is moving away from the healing energy of Chiron in Pisces to the charitable Chiron energy in Aires.  Now that you have healed, how can you mentor and support others in healing?  Helping others is a continuation of the path of learning to heal and living with our wounds.  Make ready for some updates, revamps, break-throughs and fireworks as this abundance of new and creative energy flows into your life!

Find time to garden and feel the earth beneath your fingernails.  Feel the connection to the beautiful living planet with which you are inseparable. 

With Love and LIght -

Nika Annon


april 2018

The flourish of Spring is upon us.  The energies are moving and growing at increased rates as the natural world wakes up.  Focus now on how you would like to allocate this activated energy.  Spend the first half of the month getting precisely clear on your values and desires.  Be astute and draw plans and maps and pictures for the bountiful future.  Try not to let the logical monkey mind get in the way.  Instead heed your instincts, as your guides make small, subtle changes within.  Now it is important to trust your intuition.  Let go of old patterns and beliefs and make space for new ideas to grow.  Tune into what really needs to happen; what is for the good of us all.  Find a balance between the ideal and the real.  The second half of April brings a call to action.  With clear, well-defined intentions, you are ready to act, move, change, and grow.  Be ready to embrace a new paradigm.  

April begins with the Sun conjuncting Mercury in Aries, bringing clarity to the many levels of our visions.  Also Mars conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn asking you to hold clearly in your mind what you desire to manifest.  Be patient and bold in your manifestations.  Mercury and Chiron are in a loose conjunction through the 21st, bringing insight and an emphasis on non-logical thinking as the guide for your thoughts and speech through the early part of the month. Mercury in retrograde is bringing messages from Chiron, who is not just the wounded healer but the great mentor.  First Chrion is in the last degree of Pisces and then moves into Aries, bringing a focus on being in the present, and a clarity of vision.  Be ready to act, to heal, to transform, to become who you are meant to be.  Heal any old versions of self you still carry.  Tend to the inner world as your create yourself into the future.  The New Moon is in Aries on the 14th calling to the energies of desire, self, focus, authenticity, independence, and courage.

Mercury goes direct April 15th, so all that you think is not working gets straightened out, as it is time to move forward.  Saturn goes retrograde April 17th.  Take a deep breath.  Where do your plans, maps, and drawings need refining?  Check in on your health.  Rest and relax when it is needed.  Also work and spend more time doing and  less time fretting.  Chiron goes into Aries April 18th.  Be your own mentor.  You can lead yourself to the healing you need.  The Sun goes into Taurus April 19th bringing determined and disciplined creativity into your life.  The seed becomes the pansy.

Pluto goes retrograde April 24th. Take a deeper breath, and dig deep to find what else needs to be cleared way to make room for a fresh start.  Where are the treasures in your life, and how can you augment those treasures to become more prevalent in your reality?  Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 26th, giving space for the clearing out of all that no longer serves.  Focus the precious core, and remember what you are fighting for.  Make sure it will survive the battle.  Also, take a look at how you view power.  What illusions of power can you release in the next 6 months?  How do you know true power?  Rehearse and control your use of power.  Make it an invaluable tool you are skilled in using.

Venus moves into Gemini April 25th.  Know your values, express them, display them openly, know their complexity.  Be light and joyful.  The Full Moon in Scorpion on the 29th asks you to feel it all!!  The power of imagination shapes your life.  The Moon in Scorpio is balanced by the Sun in Taurus vitalizing that which is meant to be, beckoning for a change of heart, of spirit.  Be rooted in compassion and gratitude through this transformative time.  

Creation flows through you.  Embrace while letting go.

With love and light -

Nika Annon

march 2018


When you think March, think Moon.  The Moon is especially present this month so take notice of it in the daytime sky.  Bathe in its light at night.  Gaze deeply onto its surface and open your heart and notice the Moon looking back at you through your heart.  Let its gravity pull your dreams into focus as the rush of spring is nearly upon us.  

March features the second Blue Moon of 2018.  Generally, a Blue Moon refers to the second Full Moon occurring in one month.  March is book-ended with Full Moons; one on the 1st and one on the 31st.  The Full Moon on March 1st lands in Virgo, and is the Full Moon before the Spring Equinox.  Remember what you asked of your self last month.  How are you bringing love into your being?  Be kind to yourself.  Be aware of your emotional reactions, and the deeper causes behind those reactions.  Disavow misrepresentation, unkindness, selfishness. Sharpen your impeccability in small and big ways.  Speak and act in your highest truth.  Lean in your Saturnian discipline to change bad habits.  Remember to embrace rather than discard the child within.  Act from your wise, adult self, and allow all to heal and forgive. 

The New Moon is on March 17th.  Be in a place of inner stability.  Find the place where you do connect to others. See the divine in those that frustrate you.  Show your divineness to them.  Choose to be civil, calming and caring in your own identity.  Express your needs and beliefs without degrading anyone else’s.  See others as a unique and inextricable thread in the fabric of the multiverse.  Know that all is sacred.  Thrive in that space of knowing.  Embrace your fear and disempower it with love.  See how we are a connected whole and honor the whole and hold the wholeness accountable.  Allow your self the courage to feel pain and fear and grief, and move forward from the wisdom of your heart choosing love and risk.  Be tough and tender, graceful and gritty, excited and scared.

Mercury and Venus go into Aries on March 6th.  Mercury and Venus are in step until just after the equinox when Mercury goes retrograde.  Jupiter goes retrograde March 8th, signaling a time of spiritual and philosophical reflection and introspection.  Jupiter is in Scorpio and holds an invitation to engage your deepest fears.  Be ready to transform by engaging your shadow.  Surrender and trust your soul through the transformation.  Now can be the time for deep expansion and healing, luck, and growth, all happening within.  Life will engage you in what you truly desire.  Deeply, truly, and passionately want what you want.  Changes may come.  Trust in your self enough to follow them; leap onboard.  Work hard internally, mindful of the monkey brain.  Be patient with your transition.

Mars goes into Capricorn on March 18th.  The Sun goes into Aries March 20th on the Spring Equinox.  Day and night, light and dark, are closer to equilibrium in this hemisphere.  Aries is a sign of action. Make plans for what you will do now to shape the the energy flow that is building.  Mercury goes retrograde March 22nd.  Think before speaking, let your thoughts lead to words which lead to actions. Honest and kind thoughts lead directly to honest and kind words and actions.  Honor everyone's impatience, focus all that tension into clear intent.  Assume people mean well until proven otherwise.  Giving each other the benefit of the doubt will go a long way.  Be sure you hear what people say. 

Venus goes into Taurus March 31st.  Venus is moving into the softness and determination of Taurus, bringing with it the love of beauty and grace, and the ability to emerge through concrete.  Appreciate beauty, the glorious gift of life.  In each passing moment, value the precious, fleeting gift that is this life.

The Blue Moon on March 31st rises in Libra.  Examine the pinnacle of your dream.  Is it possible?  Is it valuable?  Does it feed a stable and joyous future?  Align your drive with your true desires.  Be aware of and supportive of others intentions, desires and vulnerabilities. Plant the seeds you will work the next two years nurturing and manifesting.  

May you find the strength for deep transformation.  May you find joy in the unfolding moment.  May you find peace in the benevolent glow of the Moon.  May you find new life bubbling under the surface just waiting to emerge and burst on scene.  

With Love and (Moon)Light - 

Nika Annon


february 2018

February opens just after the lunar eclipse in Leo.  Begin this month with brining your life into sharper focus.  Ask questions that dig into your deeper meanings and give purpose to your internal meanderings.  Prepare your vessel for a great flood of energy and creativity so that you are ready to use this energy to push your life into a focused direction toward your hearts desire.

What sudden decisions did you make recently?  What relationships have shifted? The way you think about and relate to work, to dreams, to the future, to your hearts desire, are in the fore front.  Be aware of your thoughts at this time as they shape your manifestations.  The decisions you make in relationship to your unfolding world, the issues that have been gestating since August, will come to a point of transformation.  Balance rationality with intuition.  The seduction of linear thinking may sway you one way or another so keep in mind the deep complexity of life and vision.

What do you need?  What is lacking in your life?  What are you creating that is in alignment with your heart's desires?  Shape your life to serve the greater good, preserving your wisdom and power in knowing when it is time to move.

Uranus moves from squaring Pluto thus releasing that challenging position.   This move will shake loose all that no longer serves.  So be ready to let go.  Ask yourself what you are holding on to and why.  If you have trouble figuring out why you are holding on, then trust that it is time to let go.  Eschew the superficial and update your dreams and desires.

February is your opportunity to nourish that which sits dormant within yourself.  All the planets are direct.  The Sun is in Aquarius until February 18th giving you cool idealism to work with your Saturn in manifesting what you are here to do.  Saturn is thorough, slow and deep.  It rests in Capricorn this month signaling a time to build foundations.

Do not neglect your shadow in building your restored foundation.  Bring awareness to what you haven't noticed about yourself in a while, to what is just around the corner of your conscious self.  Work the Saturn energy.  How does manifestation change the vision you have for yourself, your soul?  Be open to your inner genius, be kind and nurture what is growing.

Venus moves into Pisces, shifting your heart from the cool, mental perceptions of Aquarius to the rich depths of Pisces. You may find a deep immersion in the flow of emotions.   Be present, rest, unwind, practice personal sustainability.  May your heart get big enough to hold all the emotional contradictions.  Mercury will move through Aquarius and go into Pisces the day before the Sun does. Reminding us of our spiritual connections, of our dreams, our deep knowledge and also our escapism.  You are connected to the intelligence of the multiverse, so allow the deep internal knowing to take apart your defenses and allow yourself to unabashedly flourish.  Then Mercury will sextile Uranus letting all the mental activity align.  Use the movement into Pisces to choose being loving over being right.  Relax the criticism and impossible standards and embrace the complexity of manifestation. 

The Solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th reminds you to refresh your thinking, to open to the new, enjoy breaking open any fixed places.  You will have insights and awareness of that which you have been working on or avoiding.  

This is a deeply productive time, so be exacting, honest, and kindly critical.  What matters enough to make sacrifices to do it?  Lean into your discipline and hard work to focus this energy to bring the greatest, highest good to light.  Settle into the energy of awareness and learn from mistakes and failures.  Step out of the morass of problems and find the deeper path through.  Allow joy through gratitude.  Always gratitude.  Be open to love and trust and knowing.  Call your heart's desire to you and realize it is always there under the surface.  Turn to face the world, let it break you open, then move into your soul’s destiny.


With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

January 2018

Happy New Year!

January opens with some challenging energy, inviting you to affirm what you truly value and also giving you the tools to create protections against that which may thwart you on your path.  Feel safe to make plans for what you choose to create in response to those threats that may be working against your highest ideals.

This month is marked by the choices you make regarding love.  Remember to delight in life.  January holds Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus in Capricorn.  The energy behind manifestation and realization is strong. Stay focused on your values and dreams.  Create in alignment with your core beliefs.  With your clear intent engaged, focus on the details.  Avoid the rabbit holes and notice essential details that could deflect you from your vision.  Claim your authority over your life choices.

The Full Moon appears in Cancer on January 1st and is opposing Venus.  This marks a time of deep openness, receptivity and perhaps a need to protect yourself.  Protect yourself with love.  Be aware of how your barriers can support or hinder your well being.  A Grand Trine in water is formed with the Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Mars in Scorpio.  Find your flow between love and protectiveness.  Find a balance between your mystical, visionary self and focused, deep desire.  If fear approaches you ask what more you need to know.  What is the fear asking you to learn and what does it bring into your awareness?  Be astute, present.  If life is rough, respond with appropriate action.  Use the strength of Venus ( love and values ) in Capricorn to shape your emotions.

The moon also will oppose Pluto on January 2nd.  Uranus goes direct, and Mars opens you to look at what is causing confusion.  How do you protect what you cherish?

Fill each day's interactions with compassion and generosity.  Give that which you may want to receive.  Honor the soul of each engagement by receiving the gift of that moment, the pureness of the now.  Know that you are already receiving exactly what you need.

Furthermore, on January 2nd, Uranus stations direct.  This stationing brings to light the passionate reevaluation regarding internal freedoms and revising where you will take action, which then rolls into external freedoms and actions.  Allow yourself to create in multiple realms.  Envision what you will become what your passionate clarity can bring to the whole.  Love your creativity, and be receptive to your creativity’s love for you.

January 8th marks when the Sun, Venus, and Pluto conjunct in Capricorn to solidify your intentions, and clarify your commitment to your goals.  Engage soul-deep determination to accomplish what you have set out to do.  On January 9th, they sextile with Mars engaging your passion, your connections to people.

Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 11th, when communication and thoughts become results-oriented.  Use this energy to manifest what you have been envisioning.  Move deeply into manifestation with your highest goals in mind and heart.  Mold the physical reality with the focus and clarity of trusted manifestation practices.  Mercury is the messenger of the gods.  What are you tasked with in this life and what are you engaged in at this moment in time?  Answer these questions with honesty and joy.

Jupiter sextiles Pluto, moving us beyond legislative gridlock and struggle to engage the light and claim power to make effective change.  When the inner voice says I don’t want to be here, ask your inner voice:  Who are you?  Which I? Where exactly do you not want to be? Say to that inner voice:  If you, as this aspect of my self, choose to leave, you are welcome to do so.  However, you cannot take the whole of me but if you, this aspect of my self, is ready to go, thank you for you service.  If it is a part that needs healing or reintegrating then take steps to heal and reintegrate it.  If that inner voice no longer serves your higher purpose, let it go.

The New Moon conjuncts Venus on January 16th.  Venus moves into Aquarius on the 17th, shifting your awareness of your values and love into a realm of freedom, idealism and thought.  This brings emotions into thought and integrates thought and emotion.

Sun moves into aquarius January 19th, and Mars moves into Sagittarius on January 26th.  The month ends with a total Lunar eclipse in Leo.  Loving yourself allows you to love others, to be a loving presence on the planet.  Bathe your inner child in unconditional love.  How has your capacity and practice of love changed since 1999?

This is a new year.  A time for awakening again to a renewed vision of self and life and love.  BE YOU.  LOVE YOU.  A vibrant, beautiful being, here, now, to do what makes your soul dance and sing.  Hold deep gratitude in your heart for what has passed, what is here now, and what is yet to come.

With so much love and light for 2018-

Nika Annon  

december 2017

December begins with the Supermoon on December 3rd.  This moon, in Gemini, is fuller and brighter than other full moons.  Enjoy a full, long moonlit night.  Ground yourself down into Pachamama.  Embrace the Earth, your roots and harvests at this time.  Listen to your soul, communicate at the deepest level known to your being.  Be clear.  Be you.  What are the voices in your head saying?  Keep the negativity in check when talking with your self and others.  Open up to what this life IS.  Relieve the tension in your inner world.  Stand up for freedom and wisdom.  December is about opening up to the mystical, exploring deeply, and transforming.

Venus moves into Sagittarius, bringing the celebratory energy for the season into focus.  Social interactions will be interesting and entertaining.  Be in the moment with whomever is graced by your presence.

Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries.  If there is anything in your life that is needing change, it will surface.

Jupiter trines Neptune December 2nd for the first time.  It will become exact again May 25th and August 19th of 2018.  Generosity and compassion will increase.  Neptune in Pisces holds space for ethereal, spiritual, and mystical energy.  Jupiter is in Scorpio, opening an expansive philosophical desire for understanding humanity, a concern for justice and the well being of all.   Hence, it is a potent time for compassion and philanthropy.  The spirituality will flow easily.  Feel the deep connectedness of it all.

Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius opening us up to exploring the deeper meaning of everything, enlivening a curiosity about everything.  Explore the internal and external world without a goal or hypothesis. This is an opportunity to see the mystery behind the details of the everyday.  Perceive the familiar with new awareness.  Let go of all the patterns you have used to restrict yourself and create anew your vital, vibrant engagement with each day.  Mercury squares Chiron, conjuncts the Sun and Venus, and trines the north node.  Your connection to the energy of creation, your self, your values, and the evolution of the whole is strong at this time.  Be authentic without expectations or assumptions.  Stay grounded as the cosmos inundates your inner definitions.

Mars enters Scorpio December 9th.  Fall into your desire to experience emotional depths, to relish transformation and explore deeper levels of emotion.  Focus on resolution and evolution and delight in what you find.  Evolve DEEPLY.

Chiron stations direct December 5th.  Feel yourself finally moving forward from months of releasing old patterns around wounding.   Move forward with your inner power by flowing out into creativity and inventiveness.  We can choose, at any moment, to connect to the flow of life energy that is moving through us incessantly.  Tap into that life flow and touch eternity.

Venus will square Neptune and square Chiron before moving into Capricorn on the 25th.  This sets up an invitation for you to create from your visions, emphasizing your connections to the universal flow of life. The New Noon lands in Sagittarius on December 18th.  Dream your year ahead.  Find a target for your life’s arrow, and shoot it towards your hearts desire.  The Sun will move into Capricorn on the 21st giving light to what we will manifest.  Saturn moves into Capricorn December 26th engaging our endurance, determination and organization. This move by Saturn gives structure to the ideals generated by the Jupiter-Neptune trine.

We can build our lives, our culture, our country, from love or from fear.  Acknowledge the good intentions of self destructive patterns.  Thank them, relinquish them, and build new ones better suited to healthy survival.


With Love and Supermoon Light -

NIka Annon

november 2017

November begins with Sun touching Chiron and Saturn.  This connection is asking about what are you bringing in to your life.  This month is a time for asking deep questions and doing some soul searching.  Are you in alignment with your vision?  In sync with the deep questioning, is a supportive energy to clear out that which hasn't gotten you closer to your dreams.  Continue to grow and prosper as your ever-changing, ever-challenging, ever-wonderful life unfolds.

Use the clear, energetic channel that is Chiron to create, purify, and to deepen the changing perceptions.  Focus your creative efforts, transform self perception.

Mercury trines Chiron, bringing us messages and touches Saturn.  Are you planning well for your life?  In what reality are your dreams feasible?  Does that reality resemble your current situation.  

Venus dances with Chiron and Saturn.  Look now at what is the value of what you bring into existence.  Find your electrical current of vitality.  And then with Uranus triggering a flash of insight, discover what your soul is calling for.  Ask yourself what are you bringing into to being?  What is the best use of your abilities here and now?  How am I something I value?  These are deep questions that warrant your attention.  Take time for yourself and reevaluate why you feel you are here to do what you dream to do.

A Full Moon in Taurus invites us into beauty and love. Savor the fullness of light…bathe in moonlight and overflow with gratitude.  Pour your love and thanks back into the love of the multiverse.

On November 11th, Saturn trines Uranus for the third time before moving onwards. This began last winter on December 26th and again May 19th and so has shaped this year. Balancing innovation with tradition, we can make well thought out changes.  What has shifted in this year, moving you towards the manifestations your vision?  Are you closer or further from your vision?  Make the necessary adjustments to move forward.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 12th in Scorpio.  This signals a potent time for beauty, depth, joy and expansion.  Share that manifestation exuberantly!!

The New Moon on November 18th in Scorpio invites us to shed outmoded ways of being.  Unravel old self limiting beliefs, find the light in your shadow, turn off the negative voices in your head, become who you pretend to be.  As you ask yourself the deeper questions about your life, values and abilities.  Be free to let go of that which has not helped get you closer to your vision.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st bringing justice, knowledge, and adventure to your journey.  We have been with Chiron since June 30th, when, like Hercules clearing the Augean stables, Chiron had turned us inwards to clear our selves, to heal and resolve lessons learned in this life and karmic issues. The Sun and Venus ( Dec 1 ) moving into Sagittarius, bringing our energy from the depths and intensity of Scorpio to the breadth and openness of Sagittarius. As we heal we have a vision of our healthy selves in our hearts, minds, bodies.  And expressing gratitude for your vision beings it into being.  Hear that again: expressing gratitude for your vision brings it into being.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” Rilke


With Love and Light --

Nika Annon

October 2017

The theme for October comes from the north node in Leo.  What is your heart's desire?  Look honestly and deeply to find the true desire.  Don't be confused by superficial desires such as wealth, fame, notoriety, vengeance, or your spiritual qualifications.  Take time now to discover and awaken to your heart's truest desire.

While this appears to be a quieter month, we start with an Aries Full Moon.  The Full Moon is in Aries on October 5th, awakening our passions.  The Moon in Aries signals movement rather than contemplation. This energy may be invigorating and use it to enliven your passions.  Transformative energy brings you psychological and physical freedom.  Express your self with virtuosity as you are brilliantly tuned in.  Contain darkness by focusing on transformative peace in your actions.  Do your passions align with your heart's desire?  Allow anger to alert you to boundaries that need improving.  Overcome struggles and challenges by being self aware.  Find your calm center where the guiding light is pure.

Jupiter, Mercury and the Sun all move into Scorpio this month.  Jupiter leaves Libra and enters Scorpio on October 10th.  Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 17th, and the Sun is in Scorpio on the 23rd.  Mercury in Scorpio gives us insights into the subtexts, the unsaid.  Time now to discover what might be hiding behind false emotions and thoughts.  Let your self be surprised, and be aware of your assumptions.  What are the deeper motivations for your actions?  The insights you find will deepen your understanding of your heart's desire.  What was foggy will become clear.  The Sun in Scorpio brings life’s mysteries into focus.  Embrace the creative dance of joyous connection and mentoring vision, harken to the unknown, communing with mysteries.  Know the magic of the earth and cosmos as one.  Enjoy unlocking the mysteries within your heart.  Find healing through rebuilding loyal friendships.  Surrender to the changes life brings, while expanding into the future.  Let love refresh itself.

Venus enters Libra on October 14th, the New Moon is in Libra on October 19th, and Mars enters Libra on October 22nd.  Venus in Libra favors partnerships and relationships, whereas Mars in Libra allows us to forge allegiances, and create cooperations.  There is a strong pull this month toward building and sustaining your important relationships.  Don't take them for granted and look at your loved ones with fresh eyes and renewed love.  Honor your soul priorities.

All the transiting Virgo planets square Saturn creating, rebuilding, and enhancing structure. What is important to you?  What are you creating for your life and for your community?  What has to be taken away or torn down?  Respect formal structures to get you through confusion, and relax into the support of tradition.  Also, many transiting Virgo planets touch the Moons north node bringing emphasis to your desires.  How well do you know your heart's desire?  Are you honoring your heart's desire?  Work towards better alignment between your thoughts and actions and your heart's desire.   Build joy from your heart desire.  Feel the scend (tide and wind working together) of change in your heart.     

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

September 2017

Welcome to September - the month of the Autumn Equinox.  An equinox signals the time when the length of days and nights are almost equal; light and dark are balanced.  What aspects of your life are moving closer to an equilibrium?  Find a balance between your personal goals and the greater good.

Many personal planets move into Virgo this month: the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars. This shift into Virgo represents a movement into the energy of bringing order out of chaos, of fitting pieces together.  There is a strong pull toward practical helpfulness, discernment, planning, and critical assessment within your sphere.  Be aware of your criticism of others, as it is an expression of your own shadow.  Use this awareness to know your self better.  Bring your own unexpressed energies up to the surface in order to transform, resolve or release those portions of yourself that are in shadow.  Hold all of yourself in compassion.

On September 4 the Moon/South Lunar Node conjunction is in Aquarius.  Meaning a focus on generous and broad participation in everyday life, and heightened sensitivities to the world.  Let go of your personal will, and in doing so understand a new wholeness for all.  At this time essence matters more that appearance.

Mars enters Virgo on September 5. Mars in this sign represents a shift toward being results oriented.  You may find a renewed determination to reach your goals in practical and diplomatic ways.  There is momentum now for working hard for yourself and your community.  Think of the busy squirrel gathering nuts for the winter.  Now is the time to prepare for the cold season ahead.  Is there warmth, food and shelter?

Mercury enters Virgo on September 9 putting a focus on communication.  At this time, communication is detailed, precise, and accurate.  Rely on your communication skills during this time of action and personal awareness.  Your mind is focused and your voice is clear.  Trust that about yourself and others.

Mercury goes direct September 5 signaling the time to make decisions and act.  Move again on all you were reconsidering and refining.  Remember to incorporate corrections that you have made during the refining process.  Now you can launch new projects, sign contracts, commit.  You have been waiting and working on how to achieve that which you want.  Pluto goes direct September 28, guiding us to more fully embrace the work we came here to do.  Delight in the ecstasy of being embodied and capable of action.  The Cosmos are saying EMBRACE and ACT.   

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 6 reminds us that with the awareness of oneness in this universe, we cannot demonize others or play victim.  Balance this awareness of the energy of the whole with clear discrimination regarding the specific actions you will take.  Step into your role in what is coming into being not in opposition to, but along side all others in our world.  Respond to transient crises with self discovery and exemplify living in alignment with the universe.  

Venus enters Virgo on September 19, further strengthening the power to achieve your goals through rational and insightful thoughts and actions.  Find joy in the practical precision of what you have worked hard to achieve.  Be determined to see things through to the end.  Now you may find greater discernment of values and qualities in your life.

The New Moon moves into Virgo on September 20.  Virgo engages our bodies, our work, our nourishment.  Virgo empowers our capacity to discriminate, and to bring order out of chaos.  Virgo engages our ability to adapt and be conscientiousness.

Each individual must pass on what they have learned in order to accumulate and build together; creating opportunities from common experiences.  Collaboration and cooperation are key to building an enlightened future.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22 signaling a time of moving forward with diplomacy, tact and cooperation, hearing all sides, and practicing fairness.  Now is the time of gathering fruits to create sustenance that will feed us all.

Jupiter makes its last square to Uranus on September 27.  Issues of fairness and equality, and redefining independence are highlighted at this time.  We are deeply

motivated to move forward, to act.  Be clear where you are going and why.  Know how your actions benefit the whole.  Feel your path becoming balanced and integrated into the whole.  Be able to initiate action from a clear, committed foundation.

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

August 2017

Change is coming. Be it.

Savor the transition and lean through the threshold.  Now, as ever, prepare and become.

Uranus goes retrograde August 3.  Now we have Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn - ALL retrograde. This is a time to look inwardly and clarify desires, beliefs, visions, creativity, and goals. Embrace your capacity to manifest and fine tune what to discard and disbelieve.  Verify for yourself which paradigms you will shift.  Eris in Aries further strengthens the need for change from within.

When Pluto's transit retrogrades, we reverse the process of change to an inside-out evolution. Our internal forces seem to break down or redirect us so that we can see our own need for change rather than being forced into the process by others.  The period of Uranus retrograde allows us the chance to think a little about our reaction to changes. It also gives us a chance to rethink and organize our need for change.

When Neptune's transit retrogrades, our dreams and ideals may start to drip away as reality forces us to come to terms with any portion of the dream that is based on fantasy.  We will need to rethink our creative side, as well, since we may start to experience dissatisfaction with our current path or creative focus.  Chiron in Pisces reminds us to tune in and really gain insight with respect to our deepest, most longstanding sources of spiritual pain.  Chironic healing is a tremendous gift when it comes, so it might be a terrific practice to encourage it during this retrograde interval.

Then Mercury goes retrograde Aug 13.  Pay attention to details and be specific.  Check contracts, review, revise.  Proceed with awareness and consciousness.  Jupiter makes its third square to Pluto in the set that started November 24, 2016 then March 30, 2017.  Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn bring creative tension and engage our desire to create successfully and achieve.  This tension is tempered by Plutonian questions in Capricorn - Is it essential?  Will it endure?  Does it serve the whole?  Is it practical/of service?  Reach for the sky while walking on the earth.  Release your creative arrow with intention and a target in mind.  Working together we bring the future into being. Dredge up any beliefs that need updating.  Choose from a place of love.  Fill your fear with light and love. Be realistic about what you can and will do, and find what will bring you delight in doing it.

On August 7 there is a full Moon in Aquarius with an eclipse.  Reset your emotions, mend relationships, and clarify to your needs and emotions. This also engages the Jupiter Pluto square.  Be ethical and open, communicative and collaborative.  The Sun conjuncts Mars and brings a great deal of activity and passion to this Moon.  Your body and brain will both be fully energized.  Make plans accordingly for this Monday.  Focus impatience into effecting change.  Let go.  Trust.  Make changes.  Be kind.  Be visionary.

On August 21 an eclipse of the Sun on Regulus, the star of Leo, releases the patriarchy.   Reaching for survival of the most cooperative.  The Sun is trining creative Uranus, enabling you to wake up, be autonomous, be creative, independent, inventive.  Be the you you came here to be.  The solar eclipse is in a new phase to the north node, which suggests a new program is underway. Mars is in a karmically-charged relationship to the eclipse which suggests a very potent time of seeding and completion.  The eclipse is sesquisquare to Pluto which could bring tension during this transformation.  It ís also trine to Saturn's manifestaition energy and trine to Uranus' change, invention, and innovation giving power to what changes you create. It is trine to Eris, the paradigm shifter, and in conjunct with Chiron, the risk taker and outsider.  Chiron retrograde in Pisces is a suggestion of exposure, added vulnerability, and of something incomplete. Chiron in Pisces raises mass consciousness and puts added attention on ultimate ideals, on potentials (lost or gained), on the famous or infamous, on sacrifices, scapegoats (collective, individual), vulnerabilities, and on loss (mass or personal).  Chiron in Pisces can also make us more aware of what has been lost already.

Mars is sextile to Jupiter - the planet of finances, goodwill, assistance.  Mars is in a disseminating trine to Saturn which suggests significant growth especially related to issues of authority, government, and legitimization.  Uranus retrograde is trine to the eclipse, suggesting an exceptional time for trying something new, for personal reinvention and exploration. It gives great life/great creative force to that which is already in the works.  

This solar eclipse has been active since the transiting lunar nodes transitioned from the Virgo/Pisces sign axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis in May.  The transits of the lunar nodes set the backdrop for an 18-month intensification cycle through a particular evolutionary growth cycle.  As the south node in Aquarius activates a restless urge to be free, to experiment, the north node in Leo stimulates a consciousness that puts attention toward new self expression.  In general, the transit puts more attention on matters to do with science, technology, innovation, independence, liberation, emancipation, separation or separatist movements.  Astrologers also watch eclipses for geophysical events.

Be conscious of the area of life or subject matter that gains new life and attention; where you experience an increasing new awareness, opportunity, urge, disruption, or challenge.  The transits of these lunar nodes can prompt a time of personal awakening and lifestyle reinvention. Itcan also stimulate cellular memory or bring trauma consciousness to the surface.  Embrace what comes without repeating old patterns of shying away.

A solar eclipse is a more potent new moon. It sets an exceptionally opportune time. It can be event generating or it can be a process.  This eclipse has been triggered since May and it will continue to unfold. Look to the next pair of eclipses on the lunar eclipse occurring January 31, 2018 and the solar eclipse occurring Feb 15, 2018 to fill in more of the equation.

The relationships between the plants, eclipses and cosmos are ripe for change this month.  Be open and aware as the pieces you have been struggling with finally find their fit.  Listen deep within to find and follow YOUR voice and heart as you move forward. Change gives momentum to life's ever-unfolding magic.  Bring it.

With Love and Light - Nika Annon


july 2017

July starts with Chiron turning retrograde. A retrograde planet is only retrograde from our perspective, so it does not change the essence of the planet. We are given an opportunity to spend the time of "retrograde" refining, revisiting, reevaluating, reweaving our perception of our world.  Chiron the wounded healer in the sign of surrender and forgiveness speaks to transcending personal boundaries.   This gives us the second half of the year to align our dreams, our spiritual path and our soul's desires with our capacity to manifest. Choosing the role of victim deludes us into thinking we are not responsible, deludes us into thinking we are not powerful , eludes us into rejecting our connection to the all that is. Chiron in Pisces invites us to practice Ho’oponopono: I love you I am sorry ( for conceiving this reality where such suffering exits)  Please forgive me. Thank you.  Chiron in Pisces signals the time for releasing ourselves from the fears that hold us away from our true existence.  This happens at 29 degrees Pisces- the one, and the many.  The multiunit where awareness of unifying essence of what is whole, leads us back to the individual sacred self.   We have until December to spiritualize ourselves in connection to the multiverse, where upon we run profoundly into our individual iteration of this specific life in this place and time.   Explore deeply and acutely.  As wounds surface, offer them to the infinite, divine compassion. Here your wounds needs love.  

At the same time Juno the asteroid of committed relationships, diplomacy and true love, moves into Taurus. Taurus- where we find delight in worldly pleasures,  the touch of loved one, the scent of flowers, the smell of rain on the earth and in the wind.  Taurus- reliable, stable, fecund, productive, determined.  Allow your self to know your truest desires in relationship.  No, not those culturally dominant materialistic ones, but the genuine desires. To see a true reflection of your selfin a loved one's eyes.  Sleep deeply and peacefully.  Rest in trust, trust in rest.  What do you LOVE enough to show up for, no matter what?

Venus invites us to participate in a life of enhancing ceremonies, choosing the creative force of love, integrating the good of whole, ritualizing the unification that a struggle brings.

And that is just the start of July!

Mars opposes Pluto July 2.  It is a time of profound and intense personal focus.  Access this opposition to surmount resistance and doubt.  Deep focus can carry the creation past any obstacles.  Mars in Cancer honors the value of protecting vulnerabilities, home, and nurturing.  Mars is lifting off from Pluto in Capricorn signaling the time for refining material; smelting your dreams into a treasure.

Mercury in conjuncts Saturn, bringing consciousness to the balancing of persecutions and intuition about home and comfort with an open-minded philosophical approach to manifestation.  Recreate and rejuvenate your home.  Explore depths of clarity to communicate clearly with your loved ones.

venus sextiles Chiron asking us to learn from one another, listen deeply on many levels, speak from wisdom

On July 4, Venus moves into Gemini emphasizing our emotional, social, communication, and curiosity about life.  We find ourselves flitting through summer. Social engagement feeds us.

Jupiter and Neptune finish their dance July 5, asking us to explore how we best support one another.  What can we offer that is needed?  How do we incorporate the mystical into everything?  What has been beneficial?  Escape in dreams of equality and justice. Mercury moves into Leo, speaking regally, present ideas.

Full moon is in Capricorn on July 9.  The Sun is in the personal, nurturing sign of Cancer while the lunar energy is in the external energy of Capricorn.  The moon in Capricorn is mature, wise and responsible.  Use this time for resting in the source and moving into the goal.  Express your honest feelings in a clear, natural manner.  Now is a great time to release all that no longer serves us, how ever precious it may seem to us.  Letting go feels better than holding on.  This moon is conjunct to Pluto, granting deep insight and clarity into subconscious motivation.  

Mars enters Leo on July 20.  Having honor for the persona,l the home, the emotions and nurturing Mars now moves into extroverted, expressive Leo.  Make your pitch to the world.   Take this powerful energy and use it to move something that profoundly matters to you into being.

On July 22 the Sun joins Mars in Leo.  We move independently, trusting that we have gathered the support and information we need.  Now we move forward definitively.  Express and enjoy, socialize.  Offer your gifts to the world, knowing their worth.

The new Moon in Cancer on July 23 invites us to move deeply into the sensitive places in yourself and offer them up to healing.  Any place in yourself or in your beloveds that needs love and healing, offer those places up to the unconditional universal love, and let love heal those places.  Be vulnerable and tender with each others vulnerabilities and tender places.

Create and use the energy of healing and light for the coming month, ask yourself that you meed vulnerability with tenderness, love and compassion.


With Love and Light,

Nika Annon


June 2017

June is full of changes, and a time of personal growth and exploration.  Now you are invited to be aware with head and pelvic brains.  How does your vision affect the world, your community, your daily life?  Seek balance and fortitude this month as you broaden your sense of self.  Refine your self.  Imagine who you want become. Connect to the multiverse, heed your soul.  Embark on tender, compassionate, truth searching.

Home is a significant theme this month, so be aware of any changes you need to make, and then relax in your space.  Pay attention to the little details, and small miracles as life's greatest love is reflected back to you.  Let the light in.  Be illuminated.  This is the time for the longest days, enjoy productive action.  Feed your desires with the bounty that is available to you.

First quarter Moon is June 1st, signaling indirect action centered around home.  Be open to changes in your home and redesign that which no longer fits.  Let your home reflect your heart and feed your creativity.  Let your stumbles bring awareness of others feelings and expand your awareness of your affect on others.  Failure leads you to create new visions.  Responsibility underlies all you choose and love today.  Step into the responsibility your soul calls in.  Practical demonstrations of support lead off this month.

Mars moves into Cancer June 5.  The warrior element focuses on the home and flows with water to achieve its goals now through July 20.  Let the light of summer embrace the enactment of desires.  Our shells protection allows the love to flow more freely.  Awareness of inner complexity and inner voices slows and clarifies the goals you have for your self.  Be patient with the process.  Seeing clearly, create and recreate each day into a meaningful life for yourself.  Allow it to be languid.

Venus moves into Taurus on June 6, her home sign.  In exaltation embrace the pleasures of being in the world; scent of flowers, song of bird, night sky, greening warm earth.  Hold gratitude and passion for the focus and determination of sprouts pushing through the earth into being.  What will you grow? 

Mercury enters Gemini on June 6 as well.  The messenger of the gods, the healer who brings energy between the worlds, gives great insights.  The messenger is playful with the words and ideas, and it scampers until it finds its desired path.  Let this energy guide your path's changes and move subtly through the process.  Start right where you are. Take this step. Bring awareness to what your asking the multiverse for and what you receive.

Full Moon is in Sagittarius June 9.  Light comes to the insights and adventures of the soul and explores with great delight the body and the world its inhabits.  Create emotional balance between insight and intellect.  Draw these together through the heart song.  Heed revelations.  Perhaps it is not yet time to move but to be aware and plan.  Observe any rigidity, any fundamentalism in your behavior in your life. What is it’s source?

Jupiter turns direct on June 9 moving back through Libra, carrying social justice fairness, psychological insights.  You need to find balance internally between people-pleasing and standing up for ideals.  This is the continuing dance.  Jupiter brings joy and illumination, engagement and a focus on the greater picture.  Where do justice equality, community, compromise and negotiation fin in your life now?

Neptune turns retrograde on June 16.  Pisces is Neptune's element - the sea ruler in the sea, the infinite.  As the clarity of specific sight is muted by fog, allow your self to see with all of you - with your heart, soul and wise self.  Dive deep.  Acknowledge the illusive and when the angels come to speak listen to them.  When the earth calls to you honor her.  Ground yourself.  Articulate your visions and keep a dream journal.  Be astute in your choices.  See how deeply you can perceive without addiction and delusions.  Receive the gives of songs and visions.  it may be a good time to vision quest, to fast, to ask for guidance.  This is a precious tender time.

Third quarter Moon is in Pisces on June 17.  Dream deeply.  See all the value in everyones' path.  Honor the treasures of democracy, liberty and justice for all.

Sun enters Cancer on June 21, the summer solstice where days are longer and pause before beginning to shorten again.  Deepen into your feelings.  Choose love, radiate love, receive love.  Protect those you love with kindness.  Nurture what matters to you, gently.  Cherish your emotions.

New Moon in Cancer on June 23 invites you to strengthen your will, reach for endurance.  Choose love and fortitude.First quarter Moon on June 30 allows you to reach deep into your lineage, release your karma and embody the future.  

As you sit looking at the sky the universe goes by.  Use your time to deepen self knowledge and your unique place in this world.  Project gratitude and light into the future.  Strengthen your roots, your home, grow and reach for the stars.  

With Love and Light,

Nika Annon


may 2017

May begins with a sweet flow of energy between Venus and Pluto.  Venus in the first degree Aries brings our passions into being.  Passionately desire the new vision of well being for all.  Manifest your vision.  Reach deep within to employ new abilities that engage the buzz of creation.  Venus dances with Pluto, inviting you to step up and take on responsibilities.  Some responsibilities you may not feel you are ready for.  Know that you are sufficiently adept to succeed.  Own your power and capacity for love.  New sprouts are bursting forth with energy, feed off nature's force.

Pluto is in a challenging degree, asking you to face what lies ahead with a full heart and open mind.  Release old patterns of past traumas.   Maintain awareness of all that is broken, and all that can go wrong.  But don't let the negativity push you from your path.  We benefitby heeding the wisdom, resilience and fortitude of the indigenous peoples of Mexico.  "Hay que seguir adelante.”  We must continue moving forward.  Meet your fears with compassionate healing, not judgment, fear and resistance.  Be wise and compassionate towards the human condition.  Acknowledge what frightens you.  Take heart and move forward tendering your fears, and with awareness of what challenges lie ahead.

May 1 brings the moon into Leo.  Ignite the solar fire of being fully oneself.  Engaging self energy for the good of the people.  Be your big self and be your small self.  Know all of us have both.  The coherency that makes daily flow is not the limitation, and the expansiveness of all that is flourishes in containment.  Dissolve tensions in your mind and feel your back relax.

On May 3, Mercury conjuncts Uranus in a degree of joy and freedom.   Recognize joy in the this realm.  Release your story, and flow your creative thread.  Celebrate the complexity and freedom in your life.  As Mercury turns direct, it brings understanding and energy to your vision.  Enjoy this time of pioneering bold ideas, and shedding Karma that may stand in the way of your dreams.

On May 6 the moon opposes Chiron.  Focus your intentions, organize information, and create a positive agenda before taking acton.  The full moon rises on May 10 in Scorpio.  Now is the time to follow your consciousness instead of blind obedience.  Consciously participate in rituals and ceremonies where the experience is love, self acceptance and reformation.  Balance potential with actualization.  Strengthen your inner values; know that your mind and heart are free.  On May 18 the 3/4 moon is in Aquarius.  Reengage your passion and your envisioning in your work. 

The Sun moves into Gemini on May 20.  This move signals a shifting to more information gathering and listening to the songs of the ancients as we move forward. What are the oceans, the mountains, the stars, the microbes singing to you?  Take a moment each day to breathe into these songs.  Feel the energy connecting all living things.  Rejoice in your place on the planet.  Heed the wisdom of the insights you feel during these moments.  What may seem insignificant now, will have a deeper meaning not yet revealed.  Trust in your wisdom, nature's wisdom, and ancient wisdom. 

Reignite your passions and rise to the challenges that will come.  Move forward on your path fully conscious, discerning, and positively in love with the complexity and freedom of life. 

With love and light -

Nika Annon


april 2017

April is a complex month in the cosmos.  Planets are moving into retrograde positions and the energies are asking you to choose between opposing paradigms and unveil that which is essential to fulfilling your life.  This month focus deeply on what it is you are creating and why.  Is the path to your dreams solid and meaningful?  April is ripe with passionate Arian drive, mingled with solidifying Tauren creativity and direction.   April demands youi to ask“does it work?" in regards to all aspects of your life.  In the vast expanse of possible delights, clarity and choice can be easy.  Create the essential pleasures in your life with will and desire.  Manifestation flows through you when it is sourced in loving engagement with this life.  Allow all that does not serve you to move along out of your reality.  When deciding what works for your path include all your senses, the dreamland, subtle realities; move forward by being aware of the deep interconnectedness of all you choose to create. Do what you are here to do in the moment with joy and passion.  April also holds Plutonian energies of stabilizing and structure-creating.  Pluto in Capricorn helps to demolish structures that are no longer useful and demands we create structures that will last and serve.  Repair, build, re-envision all levels of your infrastructure to be more in tune with your soul song.  In the magic of this moment the past or the future are not here, be present in the ever-unfolding creation.  

Saturn in Sagittarius brings philosophical, curious, global energy to our thoughts and actions.  Seek to expand what you are capable of accomplishing.  Engage your spiritual will for the good of the whole.  Reach for your soul qualities that thrive on challenges, and strengthen your paladin (white knight).  Show up on the stage of the world with big ideas.  Link your outer nature with a vision of a flourishing planet, reach deep within to engage your core.

Jupiter is in Libra, expanding our sense of beauty and welcome.  Color and life are returning to the natural world, be open to the unfolding beauty of Spring.  The full moon in Libra conjuncts Jupiter and Haumea, the dwarf planet representing the Polynesian divine feminine energy.  This positioning asks you to bring balance between the everyday and the soul.  How do you honestly feel about what you are expanding and nurturing? Is it balanced, is it in service of beauty and wholeness?

Venus is retrograde so time for introspection on what we value.  Venus is moving between Aries and Pisces bringing us deep into the mystical, metaphysical realm of what matters enough to live or die for.  Where is compassion bound?  Venus turns direct on April 15, moving back through Pisces allowing the underlying dreams of what you cherish to reweave themselves into your reality.  Venus reenters Aries on the 28th, putting energy behind creating what you have chosen to value.  Move forward deeply grounded yet free of gravity in the instant of motion.  Blast through karma to focus on the flame of your soul’s purpose and deepest values.  Nourish your soul with clear dreams of futures you want deeply and truly.  Maintain your balance here and create the world you desire.  

Saturn goes retrograde showing you what may have been missed.  Where are the flaws in your plans, where do you need to clarify the underlying structure to prepare for building.  What exactly are you bringing into being?  You are on the path even when you stumble, so find the skill each “mistake" brings.  Be wise and allow multiple layers of focus. 

Mercury goes retrograde focusing on completeness and precision.  Dot your Is, cross your Ts.  Do your taxes in detail.  What are the effects of the changes you are making?  Make the distinction between what you are growing and what you are fighting for.  How do you understand this distinction?  What do you want to happen?  Focus on long range results and rise to life's challenges.  Make it happen and do it well.  Enjoy the effort and precision, savor the gifts of responsibility and competence.    

Pluto goes retrograde pulling back into Capricorn.  Continue to decide what needs to be discarded and what is working.  You are always whole, always yourself, always changing and coming back to who you are.  Be conscious of this process as your evaluate your life.  Hold yourself close with the deepest compassion and love.  Who are you making changes for?  What are you dedicating everything to create - will it be for all or for the few?  

Both Mercury and the Sun conjunct Uranus, the planet of change or freedom seeking, bringing innovative, electrical, non-traditional awareness to changes and how they affect you.  Use your mind, think things through and be congruent with yourself as human, mind, embodied soul, grounded animal.  Dance with your deepest desires including your passion for life.  Eries, the great paradigm shift is conjuncted with Uranus in Aires.  What will you fight for? What does your battle protect?  Are you changing the paradigm into something you care about?  Your inventiveness is relevant.

The Sun moves into Taurus nurturing the seeds you have sown.   Your ability to be your truest self is strengthened, allow the Sun and Earth feed it.  You are challenged and nourished by rains and winds.  Relax into the flow of life and love through your being.    

Ceres, a dwarf planet, in Taurus can be either the celebration of our life giving home, or the exploitation and manipulation due to low self worth.  (humanity destroying the planet is a measure of how much humanity hates itself.)  Focus is on what nourishes you, and how you nourish others and the planet.  Be aligned with what is essential to the soul of Mother Earth. 

The Month ends with a Saturn Chiron square, asking what are you creating from your suffering?  What knowledge do your struggles bring to your capacity to creative structure and a peaceful container?  Will you hold all in compassion with insight and grace or lock the suffering away?  A forest grows from an acorn, nurture your acorn.

Hold your life in the light of what you will be.  Release.  Renounce.  Regenerate.  Create.   

What do you value so deeply that you will create a whole healthy world to celebrate it?

With Love and Light -

Nika Annon

March 2017

We have almost made it through the dark days of Winter and the Spring Solstice brings new energy and light into our beings and lives‪.  The soul memory awakens during the spring festival‪.  Seize the moment of awakening‪; be in touch with the living spirit‪--theflame of being‪.  Rely on your molten core of life passion to shape your will and carry you through‪.  Master your difficulties, and proceed astutely‪.  Nourish your connection to the inner worlds, create‪, and breathe‪.  While cultivating your inner worlds, create your best in this outer world, release restriction, initiate positive action that is consistent with your values‪.  Now is the time to examine and revise your core values‪, dig deep to find what truly matters‪ to you in your life.  March starts with the second of three oppositions between Jupiter and Uranus‪.  On March 2‪, Jupiter brings luck‪, expansiveness‪, optimism, a desire of positive change for everyone‪.  Uranusawakens us‪, brings insight and capacity for change‪, while urging us to shake off old habits and rituals that have lost their meaning‪.  Analyze patterns‪; rearrange and trim as necessary‪.  Clear your boundaries‪.  What should you take seriously and what should you let go of‪?  Who are you in community and in yourself‪?  It is time for clarity so that you can move forward in your vision with radiant purpose and alignment‪.  Jupiter in Libra signals expansion through relationships and through community‪.  With a philosophic and amiable focus‪, it creates the space for us to bring our understanding of relationship interconnection into balance‪.  Uranus in Aries signals impetuous, inventive energy, overflowing with possibilities and inventiveness, it encourages us to take risks andmake deep changes‪.  Together‪, Jupiter and Uranus are balancing the need for change with the awareness of well being of the whole‪.  What changes matter enough to you to make them happen‪, and how does living them change your relationships‪?  It is a very potent time for a creative re‪-working of your life to meet your highest goals‪.  Bring the world you envision forward in each action‪, and create a world based in compassion and wisdom with undaunted persistence‪.  Clarify your vision‪; deepen your intentions‪; stay focused‪; thrive in the joyous labor of your creations‪. 
Then on March 4 Venus goes retrograde, triggering reexamination of what we love, and what matters‪.  Look deeply into where you invest your love, your words, your vital force and your money.  How do you include yourself in what you value‪?  How do you live out your values?  What changes do you need to make to be aligned with your souls purpose‪?  Know the wealth of the soul and resources of your spirit‪;  quench your thirst in the oasis of your true being‪.  Take opportunities to invest deeply in yourself, and nurture what matters to you‪, in both big and small ways‪.  Balance within and without‪.  Undo old patterns while moving toward the new patterns in order to rewire your incarnation‪.  Gain a deeper awareness of your role in the well being of the whole, moved by compassion for the well being of the entire planet and all its inhabitants‪.
Mars‪, the active element of making things happen‪, trines Saturn‪, the great manifester‪.  This positioning empowers our will and discipline to invest time‪, energy‪, love and money into that which we wish to create‪.  What you invest you will see manifested toward your goals‪.  Mars moves into Taurus, March 9‪.  Our warrior here protects the sacred deep feminine seeds spouting, deepening roots.  Take time and space to allow this process of nurturing your vision to unfold‪.  The seeds of change are deep within‪.  What are we committing to?  Where does our nurturance come from‪?  How do we protect the sources of nurturing‪: food and love‪, in order to for our seeds to sprout‪?
Mercury moves swiftly through Aries from March 13 to the 31, bringing clarity of thought, and focus on the big picture‪.  You will find yourself full of sweeping ideas with no details‪.  This is a great time for brain storming new and creative versions of your dreams‪, and bright ideas for the future‪.  Mercury then moves into Taurus and grounds those big ideas into practicality‪.  What will work, and what can be done with the ideas becomes clearer.  This move brings our mental body through the spiritual musical into the creative inventive action oriented into our sacred physical life‪.   Dream big with no limitations and know that the path forward will become clear and manageable‪.  Be an instrument of the earth’s transformation.  Rise to the occasion, and step beyond your limits to grow into your responsibilities‪.  
The Sun moves into Aries March 20, marking the vernal equinox as the new solar year begins.  How will we manifest all the energies flowing around us now‪?  The moon in Sagittarius invites us to be emotionally inclusive, adventurous and visionary‪.  The sun in Aries facilitates the practice of walking our talk and speaking not just from our truth but from our wisdom.  This time of the year days begin to lengthen in the northern hemisphere and shorten in the southern and for a few days both hemispheres have equal shares of light and dark‪.
March ends with a Jupiter‪-Pluto square on March 30‪.  Jupiter‪, still in Libra‪, now enters creative tension with Pluto in Capricorn‪.  Pluto trims the decay, clears the old with persistence and focus.  How do we use its intensity to create our future?   Focus on what you create, what you value, what needs new vision what needs work to come into being.  What is the world we are building?  Will we build a world of peoples of all species and countries of earth, sea and sky where the global governments work for the best of all‪?  A world without slavery, without environmental devastation?  Creating this bright future requires courageous hard work and all the cosmic aspects support us in doing this.  Will you step up‪?  It is time to choose, create in each action‪, the future is embodied inside us all‪.  May all beings‪, in each breath or heartbeat or equivalent thereof‪, each unique connection to source, choose love and act from that connectedness‪.
 March brings many ripe opportunities for creation and expansion‪.  Use the vibrant energy of the cosmos to fuel your creative endeavors with passion and drive‪.  Let your heart lead you into the joy of balance of the micro and macro cosmos, trust your guardian angels, honor your commitments, your capacity to master the tasks you have set for yourself‪.  Re-member your self, a ritual rebirth of potentiality‪.  Know the human patterns reflect the patterns of the whole‪.  Share your knowledge and learn more‪.  Together we navigate the skies, and move ever forward‪.  

February 2017

At this time, it is all too easy to get sucked into the negativity that exists in this world. Now, especially, you must focus on the positive.  Do you want to create a negative future, or a positive one?  When you find the good and the light of life, more and more that will be the world you live in.  Choose what you bring into being from within.  Dance with your fears but don't create them in the world.   Engender the world with integrity and collaboration.   Create for the good of all.   Be empowered, not a victim of circumstance.  Be at choice and choose to create the world you would inhabit.  Practice impeccability with your daily choices.  Tap into virtues and gifs under the soul's guidance to create the future.  Become a role model, clarify the motivational undertones of your actions.  Much will pass away, but what is essential persists.  As husks decay, fresh perceptions come to light.  Be aware of the process to eschew distortion and discard corrupted elements of your creative world.  Allow existence to pour through you, open to wonder; let infectious joy and laughter fill your heart.  Stay truth centered, and slough off self-importance as your masks fall away.  Stay open, bear your ideals and visions through the dark times, and release assumptions as you are in tune with deep cycles.  Labor precisely.  The Queen of light inspires us, invoking optimal outcomes, opening the path for us to bring positive, creative changes into being.  In this time of profound change, your focus on the positive will have profound effects for you and others.  Embody the blueprint for the future, bring it into experience, be in rhythm, see the micro and macro cosmos.  This month, practice seeing the world through your the lens of your heart more than the lens of your eye.
February 2nd is the Festival of Lights, also knowns as Imbolc.  Celebrate this stage of the Sun being halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox.  Find the abundance of light for what is complete, what is here, and what is coming!  As you illuminate collective blind spots, bring them to the surface.  Fulfill our collective vows to live as one Nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.  Shine your light brightly.  Spark other’s light.
Jupiter goes retrograde in Libra giving us time to reflect and gather strength where we will expand to retrieve our projections of power and potentness.  It is opposing Uranus which can create conflict between the need for change and the power of creative potential.  Develop new coping skills for the world we are creating.  Nourish the new, cast off the old that not longer serves, take painstaking labors on all levels and know the work is worthwhile.  Knit the future from the true threads of the past.  Victory is always temporary but collaborative, creativity changes the world on a deep level, and fuels the future.
Chiron invites us to heal any despair and apathy and reach for your skills in creating a meaningful life.  Create your life by drawing forth beauty and vitality from the harshest places within.  Humans can be so harsh to ourselves and others.  Don't fall into that trap.  Be aware of your shadow.  Know that we each are capable of the banality of evil.  We each can decide, moment to moment, not to choose that shadow but choose the struggle to be our best; to see the good in everyone and in ourselves and to hold us all to high standards.  We are responsible for our actions and the healing and injury we cause.  Learn from what you experience, fortitude serves.  Honor the part of you that is nourished by arduous relentless effort.  Honor darkness within us all, hence the labor.  Feel the cycles of life surge through your efforts.  Be the sunlight on the dust.  Recreate, begin again.  The struggle is not the easy path.  Your noble Knight steps into the battle to preserve well being and create a world safe for the sacred, sweet treasures of daily life, as we move upward through evolutionary spirals of humanity.  Your Knight must pass through the demons at the gate, must conquer inner fears and doubts.  Do not give into despair, dip into the soul's limitless potential and bring forth your best!  
The Sun goes into Pisces Saturday the 21st.  Attune to your sensitivity, honor it.  Heed your dreams and visions.  Swim deep in your level of consciousness with the whales of inner vision.  Practice lucid dreaming.  Be an intuitive, integrated member of the sacred dance of life on all levels.   The Solar eclipse happens during the dark of Moon on February 26.  Listen to your soul, ride the waves of intuition and surf the tides of knowing into your brilliant future.

The Moon is very active member in the dance of the cosmos this month.  Find it in the sky as often as possible, and honor it in your heart.  It hold great beauty and a grounding presence.  Get reacquainted with our moon, and love it.  On February 4th, a crescent waxing Moon rises in Taurus.  This time feels like walking into crises.  And we must weather the storm by creating fertile soil for a verdant future.   Keeping a strong focus and joy in our hearts as part of this process.  The moon then moves into Aries, awakening the passionate potential.  We are emotionally activated,  so be present and mindful and heartful with all your creative endeavors.  Reach high and wide for what truly matters.  A Lunar eclipse occurs on Februrary 10th, bringing creative self expression to the stage.  Dare to be your true, whole-hearted self!  Express and shine.  Lean into fate, knowing we might flub, but stretch into your fullest expression.  The crescent waning of the Moon occurs February 18th.  Know that the dark depths hold the voices of all.  Embrace all shades of your wisdom, and your life.  The lunar node at 4 degrees Virgo means we are judging the 'other'.  'Other' culture, 'other' religion, 'other' race, 'other' language, 'other' species.  Do you see the fleeting outer shell, or the soul within?  Why do you choose to perceive that different 'other' in particular and what else could you choose to perceive?  Unwind your cultural blinders a bit and see the life force in all.  Shape your world with desire for the well being of all and joy of life for all.  Encourage the interchange of ideas and solutions on that level.
This is a good time to practiceTonglen.  Tonglen is a practice in compassion.  Start by feeling deep compassion for yourself.  Once that feels complete, bring compassion to a loved one.  Then take that capacity for compassion and stretch it to enfold those you have difficulty feeling compassion for or anger you.  Breathe in that pain, transform it, and breathe out compassion.  The seed of compassion sprouts in the heart.
Or investigate Byron Katie’s work Loving What Is.   Who would you be without your story?  Begin to tell a new story of strength, compassion, wisdom and healing.  She speaks of The Work, which is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all your suffering.  Everything you need in order to do The Work is available free on this website:
Be deeply in touch with the positive aspects transition and creation.  Deep dwelling seeds burst forth!  Dare to dream dreams of flourishing survival.  Trust that voice in you which knows a bright future will come.

january 2017

As we begin a new calendar year, there is much to be accomplished. Know the energy of the cosmos is supporting your endeavors. First quarter moon rises on January 5, nurture your vision for the coming year. Settle into yourself and be focused on what you want to create. Review and question your present state. What needs to be transformed for survival? Who is in charge? What values drive you? What world will you create? How does our survival include our sweet sacred planet? Know that all beings are within you and you are within all others, experiencing collective joy and suffering. We are all essential to the song and dance that keeps the earth turning; sing your song, dance your dance, for the good of whole. Stand into your spiritual backbone, ready this life for initiation, find new levels to all knowledge. Trust your inner brightness to protect and guide you. Shake off the slumber of everyday, awestruck by potential, acting as a member of wholeness. Draw the bow of your intention, aim your will, release..........surrender to greatness.

Now is the time to make space for new worlds-a universal dream in which we all may be enlightened. Plunge into self discovery, accept your inner shining self, live your soul’s intention, re-member your self into this life’s labor. Demonstrate the path, shine brightly, create; let destruction take care of itself. Passionately respond to the call of life. May all be joyfully full of life and surrender with wisdom into death, celebrating the process of feeding all the beings who have fed us. Know death is the opening to life. All is revitalized, Great Goddess embraces, nurtures, vitalizes us.

Use your inner warrior to valiantly create your future. Mars conjuncts with Neptune in Pisces, allowing the warrior of our vision to shape the year for us. What will we fight to protect? How will we keep the spirit strong, clear and peaceful? The warrior is the seed bearer, aware of human complexity. Purify the thoughts and fears of the inner warrior, change is coming, the creation will bear harvest, you are a seed bearer. Set a harmonic for alignment with our soul and deep inner change. Seek spirit for guidance. Mortality shapes immortality. Own your wholeness, the self exists through the tribe. Strive to be the self you came here to be. Mars moves into Aries January 27, be ready to fight. Remember: fight for, do not be distracted by fighting against. Stay on your path, as the demons at the gate howl of failure and defeat, calmly persist. Head towards the fluttering flags of encouragement and empowerment. The warrior within gives strength to own your wounded places. Forge dissonance and resistance into life-force power. See the beauty in the process: re-work, re-fine, temper and polish. What is the assignment for your warrior? Transform your sense of what must be. The inner warrior takes on your resistance, disillusionment, and criticism of self and others, hammering it into a tempered future of wholeness, wounds are set free on the scent of a violet.

Venus moves into Pisces, bringing light into our hearts through compassion and understanding. Find genuine kindness within. See all of us as children of universe, hold forth hope and compassion for all other beings and respect for their paths. Forgive our humanness from beyond the conscious mind. Know you are a child of loving multiverse, poised for the rising. Venus will touch most planets through this sign, allow her love to flow through you, as it flows through the cosmos.

The Sun Conjuncts Pluto. Transubstantiate. We are the rebirth. Lift new visions into being by shaping darkness into a universe reborn. The new moon is in Aquarius on January 28; emphasizing hope, and wariness, for the dark is coming. Of course we see the darkness when we are bringing the light. OnJanuary 7 the Sun conjuncts Pluto bringing awareness to what we take within us into the the world we are creating, what must be cast aside. The Sun moves into Aquarius and the Moon moves into Scorpio onJanuary 19. Be open, awake and present. Inner realms shape reality so attune to your deeper reality and motivations. Bring this realm into alignment with force of focus and will. Realize the inner realm shines brightly. Reintegrate sacred self by accessing greater levels of knowledge, connect to the core spirit of all that is.

On January 12, the Full Moon creates a Grandcross with Pluto, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. This positioning deeply charges the emotional base. Be conscious of your feelings. Use feeling and emotion to empower your vision. Feel your future. Feel your grandest self. Feel your creative power to dream.

Jupiter opposes Uranus. How do we cooperate and envision together, ground the revolution in what we as a whole are creating for the sweet planet we inhabit. How do we allow the good of all to come forth? Implement peace, tact, kindness, social justice. Bring forth truths to sustain earth in times of travail. Stand strong, own your shadow and your innocence. Call the collective attention to what we are creating. What should survive? Who should be charge? What can we salvage from dismantling what is true and deep and relevant?

Saturn in Sagittarius bring power for accomplishment, and making things happen. Hold the vision, settle in for the long haul, seeding the future with varied seeds, time is a part of change. Allow the vision to unfold at its own pace without being compliant. Uranus has gone direct opening up pathways to change. Clearly direct and focus your intent to create real and positive change. Tune in and be aware; heighten your inner senses; share new ways of being. Trust your knowledge of what moves beneath the surface. Trust your inner clarity. Defuse fear with knowledge and determination. Release perfection and step into creative flow, our uniqueness is necessary. Find your dance, your voice, resolve your karma. Always, always, hold gratitude for what has happened and what is to come.

Reflect on Martin Luther King Jr.’s six principles of non violence.

King’s notion of nonviolence had six key principles. First, one can resist evil without resorting to violence. Second, nonviolence seeks to win the ‘‘friendship and understanding’’ of the opponent, not to humiliate him (King, Stride, 84). Third, evil itself, not the people committing evil acts, should be opposed. Fourth, those committed to nonviolence must be willing to suffer without retaliation as suffering itself can be redemptive. Fifth, nonviolent resistance avoids ‘‘external physical violence’’ and ‘‘internal violence of spirit’’ as well: ‘‘The nonviolent resister not only refuses to shoot his opponent but he also refuses to hate him’’ (King, Stride, 85). The resister should be motivated by love in the sense of the Greek word agape, which means ‘‘understanding,’’ or ‘‘redeeming good will for all men’’ (King, Stride, 86). The sixth principle is that the nonviolent resister must have a ‘‘deep faith in the future,’’ stemming from the conviction that ‘‘the universe is on the side of justice’’ (King, Stride, 88). “The choice today is no longer between violence and nonviolence. It is either nonviolence or nonexistence’’

decembeR 2016

in this life, align your heart with the unfurling of your souls intention.  What are you seeding for future generations?  The peace and love you create now will be felt by those yet to come, so don't hide from this work; it is not in vain.  Base your actions in love. The world is at your fingertips, don't get lost in the propaganda, but use the information from the internet to better your understanding of the positives in the world.  This month take time to communicate through technology and connect to those you love.  It is time to manifest your visions of practical utopia.   Create plans and ideas that will move you forward in reasonable and specific ways.  Question authority because there is no limit to your dreams.  December holds the Solstice.  It is the darkest time of year, reach deeply into yourself for redemptive soul-goals.  Choose happiness in every breath.  Live in calm and focused self awareness.  Surrender your privilege to your higher self.  You know you can, you know we can, manage during these challenging times.  Synchronize with the greater ways and be released from anything and everything that runs counter to the bright promise of Earth’s evolution.

Uranus moves us to create during the next few weeks.  Use the internet for communication, and be mindful while using technology.  Research the information you see online to be a conscientious consumer of what information is out there.  Distinguish between the truths and the falsehoods. Saturn trines Uranus.  How are you overhauling your reality, and what do you want to build?  How strong and fertile is your creative imagination?  Give your radical creativity structure.  How will you choose to communicate?  Can you limit the internet to control your information overload? Jupiter opposes Uranus and invokes a deeply expansive paradigm shift in values: love and money

transform your beliefs.  Release old prejudices, look beneath labels, free your mind from programs and patterns that sustain the old social structure.  Plug into universal currents of energy and awareness.  Harmonize inner and outer worlds.  Focus on what comes next,  be deeply intent, let the path be revealed while integrating all levels of consciousness.  Deepen values to include the mystical.  You are in charge of the information you feed yourself.

Saturn squares Chiron and calls you to become your own authority.  Be alert to those who would use authority to manipulate based on the exploitation of fear.  Be true to yourself.  Care for those you love and are responsible for.  Model wisdom and compassion. Challenge authority wherever it hinders your utopia.  What are you creating in each moment?  Dance with your shadow, and open wounded places to universal love.  Step forward with love and grace.  Breathing through your karma, feel it release.  Fathom and enjoy the mysteries of your shadow.  All is integral to the song of existence.

Mercury goes retrograde December 19 in Capricorn, which calls you to focus on details and specifics.  Build your world with protection, guidance and grace.  Disregard oppositions, fuse components.  Lean into hard work.  Persist by staying focused on love and light.  Create from pure intention.  Quit doing the same things the same way. Innovate. Unravel habits decisively, and creatively sourced in your deepest soul hunger.  Remember that details sustain your creations.   Create blue prints for your dreams.  Venus touches Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron and Uranus this month.  Explore your values, acknowledge what are you healing.  Determine what are you building.  Clarify all the details you are liberating and renovating.  Give your radical creativity form.  Strong and fertile imagination effuses the structure you create.  Lean into your genius and use it to heal and manifest your souls intention.  Keep your mind clear from hype and propaganda.

Create communal ceremonies that nourish you in this month of holiday and gathering.  Dance, feel gratitude, good heartedness, and generosity that keep the world alive.  Create the future collectively.  Become what is deeply needed in this time, be tirelessly strong.  Crack yourself open and unfold your unique self.  Know that this is path you have chosen.  Great things are done in small steps.  Draw back to propel yourself forward; be the arrow that defines your way!

November 2016

November begins with special access to the other realm via the position of the Sun and Neptune.  See your dreams clearly at this time and invite the ancestors to support you in realizing your dreams.  Ancestors are close at hand now.  Honor them and heed their wisdom.  Pour your gratitude into our Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth.  Remind yourself daily - moment to moment - that life is a glorious joy!  Be who you are here to be; live this truth.  Your life is a beautiful culmination of each moment unfolding.  The past, future, and present are all alive now.  This is a time to focus on your shadows, your darker sides, the nooks and crannies of your mind-body-soul-spirit that get ignored, forgotten, either on purpose or otherwise.  Dig into and uncover the shadows for the wealth of true values.  Forgive yourself your humanity and step up.  Release the self depreciation you use to hold yourself back and free the flow of life. WIth many planets moving through Capricorn and Chiron, and Neptune in Pisces,  the Multiverse supports you to create anew through forgiving your self.  Self forgiveness is the source of transformation.  Forgiving frees the energy within the darkness and shadows so it can flow and create new paradigms of light and creation.  Withdraw unconditional belief in assumptions that do not serve you.  Discarding assumptions clarifies the path to your dreams.  Compost your grief anger, and frustration to fertilize the world with the love you bring to each precious moment.
November marks the outward shift of lightness into darkness as the northern hemisphere of the Earth shifts away from the sun.  Take a deep look at your own darkness and shadow.  See what wealth dwells there.  What is your gift?  Look into your deepest wound to glimpse it.  Behind your deepest wound lies your greatest strength.  Transmute any rage and fear through self forgiveness and love.  The demons at the gates to paradise are your own shadows; meet them with love. Find your strength to face these demons from the Mulitverse, Ancestors, and self forgiveness.  Battle can feed you, so engage the conflict to move beyond wounds and anger.  Wrest the sense of being a victim into the strength of creating the next step.  Learn from your battles with your darkness.   Retreat to build wisdom and compassion focused on overcoming human self rejection.  Transformations come via clarity and focus of self forgiveness.  Begin again with fortitude.  Discern options to do your best.  Free yourself from the restrictions of your habits.   Dare to vision as big as your soul.  Use the passion of your rage to fuel the fire of life-force.  Engage the power within your anguish.  Find that ALL of your being is sacred and integral to life.  Broaden creations to include soul and eternity.
Mars is in Capricorn invoking the inner warrior.  The warrior role can protect what is sacred and humble.  Hold in high regard your daily life and the beauteous gift of being here, now.  War is seen not as the engine of economics, but as the vital energy keeping the fields flourishing, and the wild herd free and fertile.  Ritual conflict releases the passions, and clarifies boundaries.  Constructive conflict within the self and with others is necessary for growth and transformation.  Do not shy away from the possibilities that can come from a re-working and evaluation of what you know.  As Mars later moves into Aquarius, we see equality, justice, and the good for whole. 
Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn mid month.  Jupiter moves into square with Pluto.  Now is the time to ask what do you need to review to create what you envision?  Pluto is the power to see clearly and Jupiter invites you to expand your vision.  Mercury in Sagittarius asks that you to explore what you think you believe and open up to dream BIG.  How do you more deeply understand what you believe and what thought patterns need to be re-worked?   What do you value?  Update your self assessment, update your vision.  Disintegrate attachment to old collective dramas, cleanse your mind-body-soul-spirit, release entrenched patterns and reactions.  Find freedom in this exercise and review.  Know each ending to be a beginning and each beginning to be an ending, find comfort and promise in this never ending cycle.  Choose transformation and rebirth.  Surf your soul's journey, ride the white waters, be brave.
The Dark of the Moon asks you to prepare for a change of heart; to deepen compassion and forgiveness for all your human failings and cease judging yourself.  Give the monkey mind a job to help create this loving daily life.  Guide your heart through the grief of failures, breathe the bittersweet knowledge of your shadow into strength and compassion.  With Elan, invoke change for all, forgiven our collective humanity.  Bring passion into focus, see clearly, the dark, the rationale.  As the new paradigms draw you into the space of source and creation expand to encompass all aspects of your self.  Love is the coherence, create from soul knowing.  Miracles occur!  Act as if you are who you soul knows you to be.  Challenge yourself.  Be adult, shoulder your responsibilities, and persevere.
Be the mystic in the marketplace, dancing in trance and with each daily exchange, exchange love and gratitude.  Be full of awe, enjoy the way, each step is a goal itself.  Communicate your delight, encourage others to share the warmth of heart.  Create the world you want to live in now!
I invite you to vote from love; love of the sweet planet, this precious life, and our sweet human soul. Turn towards the future, heed all the messages that your many senses tell you.  Focus your intention, your will power, and the energy flowing through you to bring compassion and harmony to our world.  Walk into the world you are creating for your children.  Having known darkness, vote for the light, for courage, for the future.

October 2016

October starts with a new moon nurturing the soul seeds of connection, the embers of your vision reignite with a breath. Saturn and Neptune still square the creative challenge to bring your dreams into being, find that form with allow the visions to embody.
Mars moves into Capricorn bringing fierce focus to your manifestation process.
Full moon in Aires conjunct Uranus opens the creative energy with Jupiter. Want what you want fiercely deeply, fairly. How do you be free and hold your loved one in full acceptance, followyour path and honor your love for them. Be independentand honor commitments as well.  As your passions arise, focus on your vision, your dreams build on your values, there is a great energy to bring into being! What are you wanting to change? Engage this energy to create.
Sun and Venus are in Libra, in relations start from self forgiveness and joy, be open and gentle. Venus moves in to bring adventure and curiosity to your relationships. What do assume you know about someone? Where are the mysteries in those you love?
Mars in Capricorn bring great determination into the creation of structure of your life. Build it of love, compassion, equality, responsibility and liberty for all. Invite your inner warrior to the hero that create and protects home, culture beauty and nurturing. It is disciplined and determined.  
Saturn move us forward open adventurous, courageous bringing the energy into our life. Is your dream big enough to fit the world you want to live in? Leave your baggage behind, explore the depths of your values. Deepen them, envision everyone able to live heir independence and life. 
As Jupiter the expansive energy moves through Libra is open our love and engagement in relationship, the urge for people to relate to one another fairly andwith desire for harmony. Jupiter squaring Pluto brings the deep compassion and desire to create our future from strong foundations that represent our deepest values. move toward a free compassionate connection to your deepest self and relate from that place of health and wholes, offering upall that no longer serves us and untying all the pain knots we carry and letting the garment of suffering we have wrapped around our light fall away.
Pluto and Uranus still squaring as well touched by Eris the paradigm shifter are also still in a waning square. What needs to be transformed? What needs to be re-envisioned, re-framed? How can we allow your desires to quicken, bring them into being engaging the deep and hidden aspects of life bring things into a pattern which allows them to be manifested and with Eris here in a new paradigm . Pluto empowers us to build our future based in self forgiveness and compassion, moving with our urge for freedom passionate to move into what our mediations have given us.  Withdraw your projections, own them and forgive yourself for your humanity, forgive others their humanity. What is your ideal world how do you get there. Build structures that will endure, build ways of being you want to give to your children, your love and compassion deep values and strength.

How do you use your survival instant to build a world of joy and celebration and of ceremony and well being . use all the passion this month to brig this into being. Our shadow hides our greatest wealth. How will you treat your self sustainability?

september 2016

September is an active month in the cosmos.  Mercury, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde, there are eclipses and the autumnal equinox as well. Astrological shifts and planet movement make for exciting transformations and revelations as you continue to create and play in your imaginings. Be mindful of the multiverse at this time. Allow the energy of the multiverse to guide each whirl, stumble, pirouette, as you dance through your days. Feel free to release what does not serve your highest vision of self. Focus all month on your vision: how do you bring it into being? What do your errors teach you? Find the gift in each mistake. Know that the process of you realizing your vision is a part of the sacredness of life. Bring your vision into being with a focus for the good of the whole. Some days are very hectic and challenging and others are quiet. Take advantage of the quiet ones to breathe and release. Be sensitive in all you do. September is the month of Virgo, and Demeter the divine and sacred embodied feminine. Honor Pachamama Gaia, and the vital loving multiverse, the sun, the stars and the vastness. As the season’s change, the time is ripe for fine-tuning your dreams and taking creative action to bring those dreams into fruition. We start September with a solar eclipse in the T-square with the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Neptune. Now is the time to ask:“Who am I?” Express your individuality as a way of answering this question. Become more openly yourself. Listen to your heart, your gut, your breath, your soul, your mind, the world around you, the ancestors, the spirits, the song of the planet and the stars. Bring yourself fully into being with clear, strong self-discipline. You are a child of the multiverse. How does that affect the answer to who you are? Use your vital force to create the world you want. Do you choose your fear or your love in any given situation? Breathe into the fear of being a radiantly successful person and move into creation. Be deeply, determinedly, who you are here to be. 

Mercury retrograde calls for paying attention to detail. Clean up, tidy up, clarify, discard, and edit with regards to your vision. As we constantly evolve, so does our vision, even in subtle ways. Be mindful and true to your vision. Be clear in order to give direction to the force of creation. Mercury retrograde is a great time to take a deep breath, slow down and pay attention. Mercury goes direct September 21st. Use your thoughts to give birth to what you understand your vision to be.  Thoughts and transformation are working as a team. Mercury stays in relation to Pluto until the end of the month.   

The Saturn-Neptune square position offers insight and guidance as to how you bring your dreams into the world. Neptune gives us access to spiritual energy, and an opportunity to connect to our best possible vision of what being incarnate can be. Saturn is the engineer, the architect, and acts as the builder by creating within the parameters of reality. Neptune helps us stretch the narrowness of our vision and Saturn brings our dreaming into form. This is a powerful combination for making our visions a reality.  Use this creative time to maximize your potential.  There is unlimited capacity for rising to the occasion, so don’t buy the criticisms in your head. It does not have to be perfect but it needs to be done. Creative work is delightful work, like joyous exercise that brings strength to and stretches the mind and body. Saturn has gone direct so the construction of your dreams has begun. Neptune still sits retrograde, so check your vision and focus on how it can come to being. Remember to clarify and prioritize accordingly. Recognize the possible, nurture and enrich barren lands with persistence, creativity, and innovation. Early in the month, Mars conjuncts with Saturn and participates with the T-square September 1st. This event adds passion and capacity for strong action towards the construction of your dreams. This relational aspect resolves later this month radiating out into the realms it has transformed.

Uranus retrograde in Aries asks us to analyze why we want what we want. It asks us to engage in understanding motivations. What is your goal? What is your intention? Are you dedicated to creating your dreams or to the struggle of creating? This is an important distinction to make, and could be a block to your vision.  Furthermore, this positioning is asking us to break old habitual patterns of self protection. Continue to release that which no longer serves your re-defined and evolving dreams. Let go of your ego, let it drop on the floor. Let go of your fears. Find your old, worn out patterns and drop them on the floor too. Who is left? What is your soul hungry for? Try to encompass all you are, being conscious of all other layers of knowing. Then, in this vulnerable and pure state, wonder why you want what you want. Let the answers come. Focus, and accept the wisdom from each unfolding event. Look closely with discernment to be sure your wisdom and intuition are large and subtle enough. Perhaps errors are a redirection, perhaps a reminder to look deeper into yourself or be kinder and more compassionate. As Venus squares Pluto on September 11th, use love to create profound transformation in your relationships. Where jealousy and mistrust appear in you, ask for divine compassion to fill their space. Invite deeper levels of knowing to respond when these feelings arise. Relationships are a reflection of our selves. Live that truth. Be kind to yourself. Be generous and radiant!  

September 16th marks the lunar eclipse. This sacred event brings focus back to self. Be healthy and luminous. Be the light you seek, knowing fully that you already are the light you seek. Ask the sun to align you with your purpose, and heal your heart. Live from you center, your core. This eclipse has a T-square Moon, Chiron opposing the Sun and squaring Mars. Move toward non-duality, the sacred place beyond opposition. Define yourself by the light that shines form within. Chiron reminds us of the gifts our wounding brings us. Heal any pains, releasing patterns of victimization. Let go of the patriarchy, unravel the wounding that comes from old belief patterns. Mars as the sacred warriors protects the innocent and nurtures the growing, developing world. Mars is a force of protection while you shed light on your wounds. This positioning and cosmic relationship further supports bring your vision into being. Each step is the path. Move ever-forward with love and gratitude.  As Mars moves into Capricorn, it signifies that it is time to get to work. Find steady, rhythmic work while directing energy into creation.

Autumnal equinox occurs September 22nd, which moves us into the shortening days of fall and winter. Now is the time to socialize and share the bounty that summer has brought. Move beyond superficial relationship and find deeper connection and a common ground of discovery and exploration. Also use this time for manifesting changes as your thoughts drift toward the changes the change of season brings. Pluto goes direct September 26th. All that you have been preparing for and redoing and working on spiritually, physically and mentally since mid-April will flow into creation. Take time to remember the spring and what your hopes and dreams were in that season of potentiality.  See how far you have come!

The cosmic hallelujah of this month is becoming more fully into alignment with our core being. Keep unraveling and simultaneously weaving the thread of who you are in this reality. Live fully in this version of the multiverse. Continue to use this incarnation to reach your soul’s vision. The coming days invoke an abundance of creative productivity so hop to it. Think on a cosmic scale and find what you are looking for in all that surrounds you on this lovely plane of existence. Savor the rewards of life: the scent of flowers, sunsets, stars, storms, the sweetness of smiles, and tender moments of connection.  

August 2016

Summer is in full swing; hot weather and the peak of growing season are upon us. Productive and creative energy abounds, moving through and around all that inhabit the earth. We are reminded to use the long days and tap into the growing power to bring our dreams ever closer. As we eat from the garden of life we understand fully that we are not separate from any being, we are all one. Experience the abundance. Focus on your inclusive vision for your community and planet. Dedicate yourself to the well ­being of the whole, thus feeding the well­being of self. Pray for sweet, sustaining rain to nourish the earth and shining sun and stars, purifying and clarifying our depths. Continue to elucidate and reevaluate your path; have gratitude for the path that brought you to this moment. Open your mind, heart and body to your soul’s path of service and follow resiliently, compassionately, to wherever it leads. In the coming month, the cosmos asks us to step into our power and bring our dreams into fruition by focusing on the details, letting go of that which is not serving our goals, and nurture our relationships.

Mars is in Sagittarius this month. Mars brings the passion and the power to make things happen into Sagittarius, where passions are tempered. Now is the time to balance our creative energy, and use our passions to achieve goals that are within reach. Balance idealism with realism. Create the appropriate boundaries by discerning whether they are based in old wounds of fear, or based in love and wisdom. 

Saturn as we see her shifts directions, moving us towards creating. Turn into Saturn’s energy of what you can actually manifest and enjoy the effort of doing so. We have time to reevaluate, to double check our blue prints for our dreams, to clear out the debris in our hearts and visions. Focus your path and intention by freeing yourself from distractions and bringing clarity to the details. Disengage from propaganda, theatrics, and the victim-perpetrator paradigm. The on­going Saturn­Neptune square asks us to reflect deeply on how we manifest our visions and bring love into the world. Heart, mind and sense of self join together, enabling us to discern inner messages and guidance. So gather yourself together to manifest your visions. Be conscious of the dance with the unconsciousness. Trust in the fundamentals of creation and play with them. Move toward bringing these ideals and healed personal aspects into practical reality. What does success mean to you? How do you grow? Can you hold space for ambiguity and step up to deflect evil? Express gratitude for having moved yourself to this place of beginning anew with your revised vision and dreams. Create the world you want each day, and bring it into being with each step, each heartbeat.

The new moon is in Leo, which signifies an opportunity to ask that those you love feel loved by you in all their sweet humanity. Our bodily incarnation is a fleeting sweetness, remember to show love and feel love as only humans can. Envision how to rest and be in the moment without exhausting yourself. How can you practice personal sustainability? Be a spiritual camel, capable of great endurance. Engage every action as a sacred act, guided by your heart’s desire.

Venus moves into Virgo at the beginning of the month. Venus in Virgo brings our attention to all the details in our relationships and our creativity. With both Mercury and Venus in Virgo this month, focus on discernment: refining your inter­personal skills, your mental acuity, your creative drive. Seek not so much to criticize as to improve, to bring your soul’s path more clearly into being. Do so with attention to details and purity of heart. The Sun moves into Virgo towards the end of the month. This move brings us into the season of manifestation as we are preparing for harvest here in the north. Your awareness is heightened to radiant attention to details and the capacity for perfection in each moment. Venus ends the month in Libra brining a sense of balance, harmony and love; a sense of peace after all the focused personal and creative work has been done. Everything in your life is not at the perfect pitch; it takes time to find the harmonic relationships. Enjoy these fluctuations and adjustments. Experience is its own gift as we navigate our paths to our dreams.

Pluto is evoking the richness of being. Experience is the path and the journey, not just the means to an end. Each moment of life holds its own abundance which we can acknowledge and celebrate. Rejoice in the morning’s freshness! Develop your deep potential as you walk your soul’s journey. The struggles don’t determine your attitude. Focus on being grateful, generous, and clear. Choose from a place of healing and joy, from a place of love and determination.

The full moon in August lands in Aquarius on the 18 perhaps not... Be in your community with love and vision. Nourish the seeds of love and creativity. Roots create blossoms. Weave spiritual love and grace into the fabric of your community. Tell stories to encourage and hearten one another creating a future ripe with camaraderie.

Chiron brings awareness to the purification of our dogmas. Chiron helps to bring back the soul’s focus, not the ego or needs of daily life. We are invited to choose the power of love to make the necessary changes in our world. Disengage from the struggle, speak and dream of what you want. Discern the tools of the agents of change. Be aware of the lure of the drama. Choose how you will respond and how you will honor all parts of yourself. Work towards inner peace and transformation.

Uranus will carry you along your soul’s path like a strong tide. Surf it! Stay focused, hold your destination in your heart, and remain flexible and interwoven. Deeply know the difference between compassion and codependence.

Neptune invites us to re­dedicate ourselves to being who we are. BE yourself. Continually refine and discover who you are by healing the wounds that plague your soul, have knowledge and pride in your gifts, practice receiving. As part of the glorious whole, we each have a responsibility to wholly be that which we are.

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo at the very end of August. Mercury retrograde can be great for verifying details on all levels. Be attentive. What did you miss dashing forward? Double check. Do your decisions resonate with all your being? What needs more consideration? Details matter this month. Are you registered to vote? How are you in relationship to yourself? How are you in relationship to each level of your community? Awareness and discernment lead to acceptance and change. Step up to make choices and manifest the changes, choose what success and a well lived life mean to you.

Over the next month, relish in detailing and focusing your visions. Find new and creative expressions of your soul’s path. Stay determined and don’t let past wounds, drama, cultural propaganda derail your spiritual actualization. Sit, love, and laugh in the power of oneness, feel the thread of life that connects us to all that is. The planets are aligning in ways which will push your dreams forward if you are diligent with the details and clear in your intent. Take the time to re­evaluate without stagnation. Know that you are called to be yourself, feel the enjoyment of yourself in your heart. Move forward without fear or concern, in concert with your soul and your community. You are an agent of change in this world. Engage the power of love to make positive change. Each morning brings new light.

Dancing in the Multiverse, Creating our Bliss!