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Nika approaches each session with complete warmth and authenticity. Her training, expertise and authenticity allowed me to be open and honest with her (and myself) within minutes of our first session. Each session was an awakening for me in discovering my “who” and life purpose. She has helped me live fearlessly and given me the strength to understand who I am and how I can make my mark in this world. Through her coaching, my relationships, life and business have taken a positive turn. I highly recommend Nika Annon as a professional coach
— Filomena A. Iorio-Tasoluk, Client

Suppose we recognized our intimate connection with the whole of life. How precious it would be to see the workings of nature come alive. To feel the universe within us. To know that our thoughts and actions are important in affecting our surroundings. Imagine being able to access the level of consciousness that underlies all our thinking, and realizing that there is always a deeper order to the mind - an infinite potential in which the entire universe is enfolded. Could each of us be like that single, holographic point, capable of reproducing the entire cosmos within our being?
— Jim Belderis on David Bohm