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Nika Annon

Nika Annon

I am a life-long learner and seeker.  My education hasn’t always had a formal name or a direction, but I have always had teachers, spirits and guides that have helped me on my path.  In the 1970s, I was living in New York City and would take the subways regularly.  Squeezed into a crowed car, with all the noise and smells and stares of the strangers surrounding me, I opened my heart.  What I found was a question:  What would this experience be like if all these people in this car were people that I loved?  If that was my child with a runny nose, if that was my best friend listening to her headphones trying to keep her sadness invisible, if that homeless man was my uncle, that businessman my brother, what would the world look like?  How different it would be.  This experience opened my heart/mind/consciousness to the wholly connectedness of life.  We are all someone’s child, someone’s best friend, someone’s relative.

The connectedness of all things isn’t limited to humans.  I have always felt my connection to other realms, other vibrations of energy, spirits, plants and animals.  This connection has manifested in my life as a deep sense of safety and groundedness.  It is as if I have doting grandparents always looking out for me, helping me; a security blanket hovering over my being.  This is not to say that I have never felt loss, or tragedy, or struggle.  Fear and pain are a part of the human experience.  Coming through difficult experiences I came to two conclusions:

1.      My heart would not be bitter, and it matters to have an open mind.

2.      Being alive is an extraordinary gift and how precious it is to be here – any given moment holds exquisite beauty and is an expression of the miraculousness of being here – and I can’t waste this opportunity.

I have fully embraced these two realizations and thus my perception of the world has been positively, profoundly reformed.  We are all spirits having an embodied experience and the world is transformed when looked at through the lens of love and gratitude.

Growing up in the pueblo culture of northern New Mexico was a significant influence on my foundation.  In this culture, ceremony holds a significant space in daily life.  Ceremony allows us to bring our best selves forward to offer to the world.  Ceremony creates a communion with the spirits that is taken seriously.  Ceremony in my life has given me the opportunity to know what a safe and sacred space feels like, how to create that space, and honor all forms of spirit.

I love to tell the story of Boris.  Boris was a huge white wolf that came to share some time and space with me.  It wasn’t a pet-and-master relationship: we chose each other and lived in harmony for 13 years.  The winter he was dying was a drought year.  I would drive him up into the mountains near our home.  There was a big open field we visited often.  Boris loved to run, but as age and cancer got the better of him, he couldn’t trot too far.  Before long, deer or elk would appear in the field.  He would chase them for a short distance and then would have to stop and rest.  As he rested, they would calmly graze nearby.  Soon the chase would begin again, followed by a calm rest.  I was witnessing a dance; a natural, instinctive dance between predator and prey.  Only there was no killing, just peaceful play.  Boris taught me many things about the natural world.      

Discovering the practice of Neural-Linguistic Programming (NLP) brought together my spiritual understanding of transformation with the practicality of how to make it happen.  NLP teaches that beliefs and patterns are not fixed; that people can update and change who they believe themselves to be in order to live more gratifying, productive lives.  In other words, people can retrain their minds away from stagnating ideas and toward ideas that bring real joy and light back into daily life.  Ineffective ideas and patterns no longer have to be entrenched in the mind.  My work and understanding of NLP practices has given me the tools to help people move out of the old muddied waters that cloud perception and into the crystal clear pools of joy and love.  These tools help people live more integrated and meaningful lives, empowered by their deeply personal changes.

I have spent my whole life honoring and paying attention to my intuitive voices.  I am comfortable in the space of deep trust, the space of soul energy, the energy that we all have in common and that connects us.  Intimately knowing that space allows me to access that space within others, and open their awareness to it.  In that space, honest, genuine transformation can happen.  I believe each soul has a clear, unique metaphysical purpose.  Once that purpose is honored and perceived, life has a way of opening up, becoming more vivid and joyous.     

The culmination of my life of learning, my spirituality, my realizations have all brought me to this next step where I actualize my true calling.  I have been given a gift that I am called to share with people.  We can all live our lives from a safe place of joy and ease.  I am here to help you materialize your deepest and highest self and desires!  My greatest joy comes from seeing the light go on inside the hearts of others when they remember their soul’s purpose and find their own unique revelations!  This world is not meant to bring us down, but lift us up.  I can help awaken your soul’s purpose in a safe and gentle way.  I have been called to be the bee:  an instument of spiritual pollination.    


Nika Annon studied at St John’s College and New School University. She received her professional coaching certification from The Academy of NLP and Coaching. 


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Nika is a gifted facilitator and fearless asker of questions and I can fully attest to her great capacity as both a coach and a healer. Throughout my work with her, I rarely felt that I was being directed or led but rather that she listened closely, asked perceptive questions and always respected my own capacity to chart my own course. As a result of my work with her, I was able to realize certain goals that had long evaded me as well as gain significant insight into some of the ways I have blocked myself. Her perceptiveness, kindness and broad vision were invaluable.

I would whole heartedly recommend her work to anyone wishing to make changes in their lives. If you are looking to embark on a journey into new territory, you would do well by choosing to work with Nika.
— Ginger Beringer, Client