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Personal Transformation + Personal Sustainbility

This journey reflected in the radio show, the website, the blog, and coaching are dreams coming true.

One of my focuses in personal transformation is personal sustainability. How do I create deep changes in my habituated responses in my life and surf the tumult of every day while preserving what is essential in my pursuit to be sustained? 

I recently learned that, for me, security comes through learning and knowing.   The pursuit and incorporation of knowledge and learning is essential to my personal sustainability.

How do I sustain my body? 

The rest, the stimulus, the nurturing, the challenges while learning to keep it vital and healthy?  

How do I cherish it in times of ill health? 

How do I dance with the multiverse? 

Knowing so much and being present too much… being the flow. 

Where do we value rest, the dark, where the seeds sleep, the buds and fallen flowers? 

Trusting the seasons of being , the fertile quiet times, the times of profuse blossoming and fruiting!

Personal Sustainability... What are my internal keys for personal sustainability? MY beliefs and values. 

Which of my beliefs empower me sustaining myself and which of them support, strip mining my assets, clear cutting my inner forests?  

How do I integrate my conceptual theories of what I ought to value, what I do value, what I should do, what I do in a way that sustains me in this blooming, buzzing confusion of life?

Through my writings, I share with you the skills and insights that have helped me in this journey, please take what is useful to you, adapt them, share them and use them to sustain yourself.