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Join life coach & radio host of Create Your Bliss w/Nika Annon, for a mind / body journey to support an introspective exploration into your inner wisdom & presence of spirit.
In this one day workshop, Nika will guide you through the experience of trance using Ecstatic Body Postures of our spiritual ancestors to stimulate a “waking dream” state.


The workshop consists of moving through gentle body postures that produce ultra-slow theta brain waves, and rattle beats toproduce a waking dream state.  The goal is to take participants beyond their daily constructs, barriers and filters and move them outside their habitual behavior and thought patterns.  This process enables great transformation and insight by moving beyond the boundaries of one’s ego. Individuals are able to access dream vocabulary and experience because they are no longer bound by the normal limitations of daily life or consensual reality.  Workshop participants can control the depth and focus of their trance, using it to heal, to release trauma, or to enhance their creative vitality or their understanding of life. Ecstatic trance is the perfect experience for those seeking to access a deeper level of awareness and engage spirit in order to create positive change and profound knowing in their reality.

The session begins with a beautiful grounding and centering experience, a calling of the directions to support participants in the trances with love and wisdom. The first posture is always “Calling in the Spirits”.  During this, Nika calls in her beloved guides and friends from many dimensions. Participants are invited to call in their ancestors and spirit guides. “Calling in the Sprits” is an invitation to the true self of any familial members: the elementals, earth, wind, stone, trees, plants, animals, oceans, mountains,  vital force, the planets, the cosmos, what and whomever speaks to the participant.  

After each trance there is a repose to integrate and deepen the experience. This time can be used to write, draw, meditate or move. Then there is an opportunity to share anything anyone would like to share. This is done without cross talk. This pattern of posture and reflection is repeated two or three times.  After the last sharing the spirits are thanked and released. 

It can be quite beneficial to begin with a focus, an intention or a question but it is not necessary. This is each participant's experience, it is the participant's interaction with their spirits and their soul, it is a safe gentle pleasurable journey. The images,  stories and messages a participant receives are specific to themselves. 



 BY PHONE: 505-231-3698 OR EMAIL: nika@nikaannon.com


Patricia Ellsberg is a social change activist, meditation teacher, spiritual coach and public speaker. 

Peggy Huddleston is a pioneer in mind-body medicine. She is the author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster: A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques. Her writing and clinical work focus on what people can do emotionally and spiritually to speed their physical healing.