April is about community and culture and how you fulfill your self within those constructs.  Also, how do you impact and influence your community and culture?  Springtime is about sowing the seeds we wish to see blossom.  Refresh your ideas of self and your vision so you plant the seeds that you wish to see, unburdened by the past.  See yourself as a participant in creating the world that you wish to live in.  Become active.  Re-evaluation is an integral, daily step in the creation of your vision this month.
Observe your community and culture and notice how power and struggle collide.  Your observations allow you to manifest wisdom and love from the world around you.  Notice how love and kindness change your observations.  Continue to move forward in loving kindness and wisdom.  Be conscious that each day is a choice about self-actualization.  Be present in mind and body, breathe and rest as spring comes to your soul.  Relish this precious gift of life and honor the process.
Enjoy the natural beauty of the world as it awakens.  See the natural world as part of your community.  Let the vital force of the earth unfold in your being.  Notice how all parts of your community and culture, even the cosmos, create your world.  Dream about the details of the world you wish to cultivate.  When you are familiar with your dream, you will start to see it unfold in your reality.  Take time to practice your dream, play in your vision, let love and trust guide you.  Bless those around you and honor their process, and their place in your dreams.
Take the steps toward realizing your potential, and persist through issues and barriers to your vision.  All of the bourgeoning manifestations of this month require you to take the steps necessary to sustain optimal health in body and soul.  Re-evaluate old battles, discard unneeded visions and habits.  A lot of personalenergy is needed to sprout the seeds of your dreams.  Recharge yourself.  Shine your sacred light, renewed and refreshed!  Join in your culture and community; work together with those around you.  Envision a future of cooperation and trust the larger cycles of life and nature.  This month you become stronger as an individual, and in doing so strengthen your community.  A bright and beautiful future is being cultivated in us all!